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WATCH: ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ LIVE-Action 2nd Teaser


Let’s volt in!

GMA released the second teaser of the upcoming live-action series Voltes V: Legacy on Thursday, January 14.

The new trailer features the Boazanian empire attacking Earth. During the attack, the Voltes V ships are seen launching from their base, Camp Big Falcon.

There’s also a quick glimpse of Voltes V leader Steve piloting the Volt Cruiser.

The trailer also shows the iconic V formation and Voltes V battling a Beast Fighter.

GMA earlier gave a sneak peek at the live-action series during the New Year’s Eve countdown. Mark Reyes, who directed Encantadia, Mystified, and Beautiful Justice, is director of the project.

Voltes V: Legacy is based on the Chōdenji Machine Voltes V series, a Japanese anime that aired in parts of the world in the ’70s. The show gained success in the Philippines and has been aired several times both in English and Filipino. 

Watch trailer below.

An airing date has yet to be announced by the network.

(Source: Rappler)

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