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Tippy Dos Santos mourns after her mom’s death 

tippy dos santos mourns after her moms death

MANILA, Philippines – Tippy Dos Santos expresses her feelings through Instagram following her mother’s death.

In her Instagram post, Tippy Do Santos shared her mourning message, remembering her mom.  

“There are really no words to express the devastation and heartbreak the loss of my mom has caused us,” Tippy said.

Saying they are “still trying to process the tragedy that has taken Mama from us,” the artist and lawyer expressed “hope for understanding during our time of grief.”

“Please bear with us as we try to figure out how to live without Mama physically in our lives,” Tippy said.

She asked her followers to pray for her mom and to keep her in their memories. “The care, love, light, and happiness she shared with all of us deserves to always be remembered,” Tippy said.

Tippy’s parents, Happy and John, were involved in a car accident when they arrived in South Korea on December 27 for their vacation.

Tippy’s father sustained five to six fractured ribs and a minor abdominal injury. Meanwhile, her mother experienced rib bleeding, fractures, a head injury, and swelling, including brain edema.

Her father informed her about the accident and expressed uncertainty about her mother’s condition, unsure if she was still breathing at that time. He called to update her on their situation and to notify others as well.

“I was asleep and my dad started calling me. I remember it (phone) was just vibrating and I answered and he just told me na your mom and I got into an accident. They were just waiting for an ambulance and I remember he told me that he was not sure that my mom was breathing. And to tell our family members what’s going on,” she recalled.

On that day, she immediately flew to Korea, accompanied by her aunt and uncle. Upon arrival, they found her mother in the ICU and were advised to visit her before seeing their father.

At exactly 11:47 a.m. on December 30, her mother passed away from a traumatic brain injury. The investigation into the accident continues, and efforts to repatriate her remains before her birthday on January 5 are in progress.

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