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The Core Clinic Philippines — client reviews

the core clinic philippines client reviews

The Center for Optimum Rejuvenation – CORE Clinic is a medical clinic that merges traditional medicine with scientific, research-based innovations of metabolic and functional medicine to customize treatments for patients based on their unique hormonal, metabolic, nutrient, and cellular profiles and needs.

The clinic recently went viral on social media after singer Moira de la Torre recently posted on her Instagram about the overwhelming improvements the singer’s body has undergone after following the medical advice of the clinic’s co-founder Dr. Sheree Bondoc.

A number of testimonies have also been featured on their site and have commended their clinical solution to patients. 

Both Atty. Francis Juarez and Atty. Mara Ramos expressed their gratitude after CORE Ph assisted their bar exam preps. 

“They took great care of us with supplements and customized IVs that kept us healthy and laser-focused throughout the grueling review period,” they reviewed. “There’s no magic formula to passing the bar; we worked really, really hard for it, but being healthy and clear-headed just put us on top of our game.”

Subiebeth Kee, another patient, also said, “Losing weight is just a bonus to choosing to live a healthy life. If not for you, I might end up taking synthetic maintenance medicines.”

She later thanked Dr. Bondoc and her clinic for extending her life and adding value to her journey.

The Core Clinic Philippines — The Founders

The Co-founder and face behind the clinic is Dr. Bondoc. She is a praiseworthy OB-GYN and cosmetic gynecologist in the Philippines. Fondly known to her clients as Dr. Sheree, she founded the clinic with her long-time friend Ms. Laurice Juarez.

The CORE Clinic Philippines’s services include In-clinic Consultation that accommodates a patient’s personalized plan, assisting them in reaching their goals or addressing health concerns. It also comes with Online Consultations if patients are not able to visit during the respective clinic hours. Other services also include IV Drips, IV Nutritional Therapy, and Diagnostic Tests.

If you wish to contact the page, refer to this link: https://www.corephilippines.com/contact/ or contact them using their official email: info@corephilippines.com or (+63) 917-889-0512. — WhatALife!/Anthony

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