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Beyond the Boundaries of the City of Golden Friendship: Kagay-anons Dr. Sheree Bondoc and Ms. Laurice Juarez

WhatALife! rejoices Higalaay Festival honoring two Kagay-anon women whose friendship blossomed from having the same goal—to serve and help people. Dr. Sheree Bondoc and Ms. Laurice Juarez founded a health and wellness company in Manila, out of the desire to help people get to the root cause of their illness and being able to manage it. The Center for Optimum Rejuvenation – CORE, is a medical clinic that merges traditional medicine with scientific, research-based innovations of metabolic and functional medicine to customize treatments for patients based on their unique hormonal, metabolic, nutrient, cellular profile and needs. Combining their field of expertise in medicine and business, they gradually made a name in the field of medicine at the capital.

CORE Clinic merges traditional medicine with scientific, research-based innovations of metabolic and functional medicine. It customizes treatments for each patient based on their unique needs. Its sole branch is currently located in Makati City.


Women behind CORE

Dr. Sheree Bondoc
“Oddly enough, we actually met at a party,” Juarez recalls the first time she met Dr. Bondoc. “We were talking about medicine, and I was asking her about all these unresolved health issues I was experiencing.” Little did the ladies know that a casual party conversation will lead them to their current journey as business partners. Before the establishment of the rejuvenation clinic, Dr. Bondoc graduated her degrees in BS Biology and Doctor of Medicine at Xavier University. Then she practiced OBGYN for four years following a subspecialization in reconstructive pelvic surgery in Australia. Upon completion of her training, she immediately started her practice at Beverly Hills Medical Group.

I always want to be a better doctor, my fellowship in functional medicine makes me become one.

—Dr. Sheree Bondoc

Dr. Bondoc always wanted to pursue functional medicine—a patient-centered, science-based approach that determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root cause of disease for each individual. Her growing frustration of not being able to treat some of her patients’ symptoms became one of her motivations in taking the path to the unconventional approach.
Dr. Sheree & Laurice with Bianca Elizalde
However, Dr. Bondoc’s immediate challenge is to where in the Philippines would she be practicing. Hence, the suggestion of Juarez came into the picture. Juarez currently helps to run their family-owned school in Bataan but upon learning of Dr. Bondoc’s passion and the benefits of functional medicine, the partnership immediately took off. She even tried the treatments herself, solving the majority of her symptoms such as unexplainable weight gain, brain fog, and severe mood swings. Some from Juarez’s and Dr. Bondoc’s family and peers have also tried the treatments, alleviating their respective medical conditions. Since Dr. Bondoc’s methods helped a lot of people inside their circle, Juarez suggested the establishment of the clinic right after Dr. Bondoc came back from her fellowship in Metabolic, Nutritional and Functional Medicine from the Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and George Washington University in 2016. “We figured she’d be able to help more people if we put up a clinic,” Juarez recounts.

In general, we wanted to help people live their lives at their best, to the fullest—to live long, and live well.

—Laurice Juarez


Center for Optimum Rejuvenation

“Starting the business was a lot of work, but I wouldn’t say it was very difficult,” says Juarez, continuing how everything felt like it fell into its right places as they went through. “The market was ready for the concept; people were looking for different treatment modalities. There were people we met along the way who believed in us and extended their assistance and guidance.” Both worked on conceptualizing and setting up the business but Juarez focused on the paperwork—finance, marketing, hiring, and management—Dr. Bondoc, on the other hand, spends her time in study, expanding her knowledge branch. The doctor remained confident in her business partner and spent most of her energy on improving her craft and patient care. The concept for the clinic started to progress around 2017, and by July 2018 its doors warmly welcomed patients. The name for the clinic did not come easy, though. “I think this was the most difficult thing,” Dr. Bondoc chuckles as she walks down the memory lane. “We were thinking so hard about it and couldn’t agree on a name we both like.” “Then one day, Sheree (Bondoc) just calls me and asks ‘why don’t we just call it CORE clinic? Center for Optimum Rejuvenation?’” to which Juarez immediately agreed on for the simplicity and “easy to remember” name.  

Tested and proven

Shortly after the launching, the CORE clinic immediately gained its patrons. Celebrities such as Rica Paralejo-Bonifacio, Arnel Pineda, Lani Misalucha, and Angelu de Leon were among the clients of the clinic that we’re able to testify to the effectivity of Dr. Sheree’s treatments.
From left to right: Danica Sotto, Arnel Pineda, Rica Peralejo, and Lani Misalucha
The CORE clinic team with CORE clinic patient Ms. Tessa Prieto
Although its current location is in Makati, a possible branch in Cagayan de Oro is on their table since both of them came from the City of Golden Friendship. “We’ve thought about expanding to CDO after all we’re both from there. We’re considering flying in once a month to do consults, etc. But it’s still just an idea, we haven’t tested the market. Although we have patients from all over the Philippines who fly-in for appointments with CORE,” says Juarez.  

Go beyond the comfort zone

Learning how to channel your fear into motivation, as well as stepping out of the comfort zone is what Juarez attributes her success—both in business and life. “It entails getting out of your comfort zone and seizing opportunities,” Juarez adds. Meanwhile, Dr. Bondoc draws motivation from her commitment and passion for patient care. “It’s hard to devote so much time and do well if you don’t like what you do,” Dr. Bondoc highlights. Through this, she makes sure to never compromise the integrity of the medicine, an assurance to her clients. Wrapping up the interview, Juarez and Dr. Bondoc each left a piece of noteworthy advice for aspiring Kagay-anons who would like to make it big someday. “Be open to ideas and learn as much as you can—from people you talk to, books, the internet, experience, [and] observation. You won’t figure things out immediately but when you do, work smart and focus. You’ll also need sources of strength, we prayed a lot,” says Juarez. While Dr. Bondoc advises to know the box then go beyond it. Be unconventional if you must, as long as you are doing the right thing.”

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