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The Ipon Challenge: Facts, Charts, and Tips & Tricks

The Ipon Challenge Facts, Charts, and Tips & Tricks

Want to get some big money while putting in the work to change yourself for the better? Well, the upcoming new year is a prime time to start a 52-week Ipon Challenge! For people who haven’t made the connection, 52 weeks is equal to a year. That’s right, the Ipon Challenge is a year-long commitment! The challenge results in tens of thousands of pesos. For people who want to start saving money, this could be it!

Ipon Challenge

The Ipon Challenge requires grit, determination, and the ability to internalize your Sana All’s and turn them into the willpower to save up for 52 weeks. 

While you can go save up your money at a bank, the Ipon Challenge calls upon you to save money in increments until you reach your goal. It also requires the willpower to continue the Challenge. Of course, you also shouldn’t get any money from your savings, either! Here are the Challenges you can take up for the year 2022, as well as the charts. 

The Challenges and their Charts

To get your Ipon Challenge for 2022 started, make sure you have a chart for your desired challenge and a container to keep your money in! An empty Pringles can will do, and you can even paste the chart on the can!

52-week Ipon Challenge

The standard Ipon Challenge. It’s actually the most common one, and the one with the most varieties! Here they are:

Regular 52-week Ipon Challenge

With this challenge, you start with small amounts, and the deposits will steadily increase as you progress. The last couple of weeks are said to be the toughest!

52-week Ipon Challenge for Singles

This challenge is tailor-made for singles (or maybe people who have a significant other but couldn’t get them to commit.)

Source: FilipiKnow.net

52-week Ipon Challenge for Couples

Here’s a challenge tailor-made for two! Perhaps for 2022, you and your partner can participate in a special Ipon Challenge where you can count on each other for support.

image 1 13
Source: FilipiKnow.net

52-week Ipon Challenge for Kids, Teenagers, Students, and Minimum Wage Earners

This challenge is the easiest to start, as the deposits are around 10 to 20 pesos! Therefore, anyone who has a limited amount of money to save up can use this.

image 1 14
Source: FilipiKnow.net

Backward 52-week Ipon Challenge

The original Ipon Challenge starts with small increments that get bigger with time. The Backwards Ipon Challenge starts with big deposits that get gradually smaller.

Random 52-week Ipon Challenge

The Random Ipon Challenge doesn’t have an amount set in stone that you deposit weekly! Instead, its chart has a random assortment of amounts that you can save whenever the mood — or the money — strikes! It kind of looks like an unorganized game of Bingo, doesn’t it?

image 1 16
Source: FilipiKnow.net

52-week Dice Challenge

This particular Ipon Challenge requires a pair of dice, and a specific increment, such as 10, 50, or 100! Next, you roll the dice. Finally, you deposit an amount that results from the dice roll multiplied by your given increment.

The 12-month Ipon Challenge

The 12-month Ipon Challenge is an answer to the flaws of the original Ipon Challenge. So the 12-month Challenge is based more on your earnings or salary, which makes it less strict on your poor wallet!

image 1 15
Source: FilipiKnow.net

Bi-monthly Ipon Challenge

This challenge will speak to the souls of workers who get their salaries twice a month! You pick your very own base amount and increase deposit amounts every two weeks.

image 1
Source: FilipiKnow.net

365-days Money Challenge

The 365-days Money Challenge is touted as the easiest of the Ipon Challenges! Just set aside an amount that you’ll save up daily. No calculations required! 

Invisible Money Challenge

Before you do the Invisible Money challenge, you first have to find out what your Invisible Money is! So you get to choose to save specific bills up, such as 50-peso bills, or save bills with certain serial numbers.

Loose Change Ipon Challenge

The Invisible Money Challenge dealt with bills. The Loose Change Challenge involves the leftover money you have at the end of a day!

Envelope Savings Challenge

So for this Challenge, you need about 20 envelopes! Then, you number the envelopes from 1 to 20. Also, you have to pick a set denomination, such as a 20-peso bill or a 200-peso one. Next, shuffle the envelopes. Once a week, pick out an envelope and put as many of your chosen bills as the number indicates! 

Holiday Savings Challenge

Speaking of the coming holidays, the Holiday Savings Challenge requires you to calculate your expenditures for the Christmas spending season! Also, this Ipon Challenge needs to calculate how much exactly you need to make sure you don’t end up broke before 2022.

Bisyo Savings Challenge

The Bisyo Savings Challenge aims to eradicate your vices, or bisyo, in time for the New Year! To do this challenge, you charge yourself a penalty fee any time you splurge on drinks, cussing, cigarettes, junk food, or any other vice of yours!

Bingo Savings Challenge

If you love bingo, then consider taking on this Ipon Challenge for 2022! You can pick whatever amounts you want to pay depending on the cash you have on hand.

Source: FilipiKnow.net
image 2 2
Source: FilipiKnow.net

Peso Sense Ipon Challenge

If you’re not big on deadlines, then you can try the Peso Sense Ipon Challenge! Its chart harkens back to when you would take those shade-in-the-circles exams. You shade in the circles for every denomination you save up!

image 2 3
Source: FilipiKnow.net

Saving Fever Challenge

The Saving Fever Challenge is more intense and benefits from a big goal, say, tickets to a concert or that really cool phone you want! But, of course, you can choose how much to save and your timeline for saving too!

image 2
Source: FilipiKnow.net

OT/Bonus Ipon Challenge

This Ipon Challenge requires you to pull your savings from your overtime pay or bonuses! Of course, you need to have overtime pay or bonuses to do it. But, at least you won’t get money from your regular salary!

Entertainment Tax Challenge

Just like the Bisyo Savings Challenge, you have to save up a bit of extra any time you splurge. For example, if you go to the movies, eat out, or go to a concert, you have to set aside 50% of the money you spent for the entertainment.

No Spend Day Challenge

This isn’t exactly a saving challenge. In fact, introverts may actually be doing No Spend Day Challenges already! The mechanics are that you don’t spend a single peso for one day of the week.

Extra Tips and Tricks for your Ipon Challenge!

  • Stick to your goals from start to finish.
  • If it’s not a big hassle, open up a bank account. Specifically, a savings account that you can’t take from easily.
  • If you don’t want to go through such hassle, just put your Ipon Challenge coin bank somewhere you can’t easily see or reach until you need to make a deposit.
  • Don’t go over your budget! The Ipon Challenge requires you to be smart with your savings. You don’t have to create a whole spreadsheet for your expenditures and savings, but it helps to have allocations for things like bills and taxes and whatnot.
  • Create, download, or purchase an Ipon Challenge Chart for yourself so that you can keep track of your deposits.
  • Also, before going grocery shopping, go on a full stomach. A 2015 study found that, when hungry, your brain subconsciously tells you to buy more, even if it’s not actually food. So in extension…
  • Don’t make general purchases when you’re hungry, either.

Happy Saving and Happy Savings!

And that’s it for the Ipon Challenge. Seems like the perfect thing to commit to for the upcoming New Year! Of course, you need to consider which to commit to, but it does produce some boppin’ results. Of course, they will take a fair amount of time, but who says hard work doesn’t pay? 

In any case, the Ipon Challenge can be a step in the right direction — specifically, on the path to financial success! In some instances, the Ipon Challenge can also help you with discipline and lessen or eliminate your vices. Whatever the Challenge and your reasons for doing it, surely taking on a 2022 Ipon Challenge will benefit you in the long term!

– Alex/WhatALife.ph

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