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Taylor Swift’s Anticipated 1989 (TV) Drops Today at Noon

taylor swifts anticipated 1989 tv drops today at noon

As a Swiftie, one couldn’t help but ask, “when is 1989 (TV) coming out?” The excitement among Filipino Swifties is reaching a fever pitch as they count down the hours to the much-anticipated release of “1989 (TV)” at noon today, October 27, 2023.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album originally came out on October 27, 2014 with the following songs:

All You Had to Do Was Stay
I Wish You Would
Blank Space
Wildest Dreams
How You Get the Girl
Bad Blood
I Know Places
This Love
Welcome to New York
Shake It Off
Out of the Woods

Taylor has been re-recording her previous albums since they were released for her to have the masters of her older songs.

The original album contained numerous hits on the Billboard charts. In its initial release, ‘Shake it Off’ went viral, and the iconic ‘Bad Blood’ music video showcased numerous female A-list celebrities.

All of Taylor’s re-recordings have been hits of their own, showcasing numerous tracks ‘From the Vault’ which didn’t originally make the cut in the original release. For 1989 (TV) album songs will include five ‘From the Vault’ tracks. “I can’t believe they were ever left behind,” Swift said. The tracks ‘From the Vault’ are the following:

Now That We Don’t Talk
Suburban Legends
Say Don’t Go
Is It Over Now?

However, another track, ‘Sweeter Than Fiction’ will also be released, ‘From the Vault’, but is only available to fans who purchase the tangerine vinyl.

Ever since the announcement of 1989 (Taylor’s Version), Taylor Nation has released a 1989 album cover generator that has allowed Swifties to create their own 1989 covers.

The re-release of the 1989 album has rumors circulating that tracks would have features in its numerous hits, Harry Styles being one of them for the track ‘Style.’

Taylor Swift is known for easter eggs before dropping a new album. Taylor has posted three images on her Instagram story with handwritten notes. Fans have been speculating about the released Instagram stories and forming their theories ever since. Here’s one video of a fan speculating about the easter eggs.

The re-release was announced to be released on 12 AM EST. 12 AM EST to Philippine time would be noon.

Fans have been looking forward to this day since Taylor officially announced when 1989 (TV) is coming out, and Swifties certainly can’t wait for the time it is available for streaming in their countries.

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