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Shawn Mendes drops new breakup anthem ‘It’ll Be Okay’


Singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes drops his latest single, It’ll Be Okay, on Wednesday, December 1, two weeks following his split with Camila Cabello.

The Canadian singer first teased the single via Instagram on Tuesday with a 12-second snippet of him singing, “Are we gonna make it?/ Is this gonna hurt?” over swelling, organ-like synths. He continues singing about mending up the wounds of lost love in the chorus: “If you tell me you’re leaving, I’ll make it easy (It’ll be okay). If we can’t stop the bleeding, we don’t have to fix it. We don’t have to stay. I will love you either way (Ooh-ooh, it’ll be oh, be okay, Ooh-ooh).”

His latest ballad arrives just two weeks after Mendes and Cabello announced their breakup—ending over two years of dating. The former couple both address their split in a joint statement, promising fans that they “started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends.”

A quick recap of their relationship timeline: Mendes and Cabello (with the group Fifth Harmony) first met in 2014 when they opened acts for Austin Mahone’s Live On Tour. Then, in 2015, the two released their first song together, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” They created the track somewhat spontaneously after bumping to each other again backstage during Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour — Mendes as part of the opening act and Cabello as a special guest. Dating rumors then began brewing as they promoted and performed their song together.

The two kept shutting the rumors, saying “they are just good friends,” until they released a steamy video for their new collaboration single Señorita in Summer 2019. Then, a month later, they were spotted holding hands and kissing in West Hollywood.

In October 2019, while performing a concert in Australia, Mendes officially announced that he and Cabello started dating on July 4, 2019. When the pandemic forced the world to do so, both quarantined together and even adopted a labrador named Tarzan.

Listen to It’ll Be Okay below.

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