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Singer Shaira of viral hit “Selos” made music history

singer shaira of viral hit selos made music history

In a digital age where talent can spark like wildfire, breakout singer Shaira proves that you don’t need a big-name management team or hefty promotional campaigns to make it big. 

Hailing from Mindanao, Shaira Moro has captured the hearts of netizens with her infectious tunes and poignant lyrics, earning her the title of “Queen of Bangsamoro Pop” across social media platforms.

With no grand promotions or television appearances, Shaira’s rise to fame has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Her viral song “Selos” has become a sensation, catapulting her into the spotlight. 

One Filipino user on X, formerly known as Twitter, aptly summarized her meteoric rise, stating, “No promo. No album. No mall tours. No TV guestings. No 200 dogs. Just pure B-Pop excellence.”

With over 310,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, her music has struck a chord with audiences worldwide. “Selos” topped Spotify’s viral hits chart on March 8, amassing 845,000 streams.

The song also sparked a viral TikTok dance craze, garnering international attention with over 511,000 entries under its audio.

The emergence of Shaira and her brand of Bangsamoro Pop has been met with enthusiasm and praise. 

Fans have lauded her candid approach to love and relationships, as showcased in songs like “Forever Single,” where she sings unabashedly about the single life. 

Her lyrics resonate with many, offering a refreshing take on shared experiences. One TikTok user humorously noted, “Ayun na-real talk tayo ng B-Pop queen Shaira.”

Beyond her lyrical prowess, Shaira’s vocal talent has captivated audiences, which is evident in her soul-stirring live performances. 

Her authenticity and raw talent have endeared her to fans and critics, paving the way for what some call a new wave of music—B-Pop.

As one X user aptly put it, “Nakakatuwa lang itong moment ni Shaira sa TikTok! For once, ibang mukha at naratibo naman ng Bangsamoro ang ating nakikita’t naririnig.”

A member of the band “Trigger,” Shaira continues to create music that resonates with online and offline audiences. She remains committed to sharing her unique voice and perspective through YouTube and live performances.

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