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Rommel Padilla dismisses allegations of defending Daniel Padilla’s cheating

rommel padilla dismisses allegations of defending daniel padillas cheating

Rommel Padilla, the father of Filipino actor Daniel Padilla, has taken to social media to debunk a viral quote card falsely attributing statements to him defending his son’s alleged infidelity and making derogatory remarks about actress Kathryn Bernardo.

The former actor shared a screenshot on his Facebook page on Tuesday, April 16, exposing a fabricated quote card circulating on social media platforms. 

The fraudulent post purported to show Rommel defending Daniel’s alleged cheating while disparaging Kathryn Bernardo.

The concocted quote attributed to Rommel accused critics of unfairly judging Daniel, insinuating that Kathryn owed her success to his son and should acknowledge it. 

Rommel swiftly refuted the false claims, labeling them “FAKE NEWS” and urging the public not to believe or propagate the misinformation.

In a subsequent post, seemingly issued by Robin Padilla’s office, Rommel reiterated the falsity of the viral quote card, emphasizing the importance of discerning truth from falsehood in the digital age.

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, collectively known as KathNiel, rose to fame as a famous love team in 2011 through the television series Growing Up. 

Their on-screen chemistry translated into a real-life romance, which they confirmed in 2018.

Speculations about the couple’s relationship arose toward the end of 2023, with rumors circulating about Daniel’s alleged involvement with other actresses, including Andrea Brillantes, Gillian Vicencio, and Vietnamese actress Minh Phuong, also known as Emma, who denied the accusations.

On November 30 of that year, Padilla and Bernardo separately announced the end of their 11-year relationship. Despite their breakup, the former couple have been seen together at various events, indicating an amicable relationship post-separation. 

They attended the previous year’s ABS-CBN Christmas Special, the Asia Artist Awards, and the weddings of Robi Domingo and Maiqui Pineda in January and Ria-Zanjoe in March.

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