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Barangay Balubal benefits from EWTPM services

EWTPM cagayan de oro

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, PHILIPPINES — On Thursday, September 8, about 65 individuals enjoyed the services of EWTPM (East-Westbound Terminal & Public Market) during the ‘Klarex nga Serbisyo sa Baryo’ program held in Barangay Balubal.

The services consist of:

  • informing the people about the BSF (Black Soldier Fly) Bioconversion Facility
  • the price monitoring and teaching on how to use the PrAmis App so that they can know the current price of agricultural products in the Westbound Public Market
  • the announcement of the travel schedule and booking of PUVs (public utility vehicles) in the Westbound Terminal; and
  • Distribution of fresh vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural products to the residents

EWTPM Officer-in-Charge Jocelyn Peñalosa stated that she is very grateful to Mayor Rolando’ Klarex’ Uy for creating the program because they were also allowed to inform the people of the programs and services of EWTPM.

EWTPM hopes to be able to serve more people in the following ‘Klarex nga Serbisyo sa Baryo’.

EWTPM BSF Biowaste Management project

This innovation will answer the problem of the high prices of fertilizers and feed supplements experienced by farmers and the issue of waste management at the Bulua Terminal. 

The head of the project, Rick Anthony Jaramillo, explained how the project uses the Black Soldier fly, a unique insect with high nutritional content, to deal with the waste.

In terms of Waste Conversion Efficiency, BSF proves to be effective in different parts of its life cycle, and in fact, 48g grams of BSF eggs can convert 1,920 kilos of waste, and 192 kilos of BSF larvae can convert the same amount of garbage. In particular, 192 tons of BSF larvae can convert 1,920 tons of waste, the same as 192 tons of frass. 

Jaramillo also said that the waste in Bulua Terminal is sent to the second floor of the building for biowaste conversion instead of adding more waste to the city’s sanitary landfill. 

Meanwhile, the converted biowaste is turned into products such as fertilizers and feed supplements that farmers can use, reducing their expenses and helping them save money. – WhatALife!/Zed

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