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Pokwang Wants Her Ex-boyfriend Deported

pokwang wants her ex boyfriend deported

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Marietta Subong, known as the comedian Pokwang, made a petition for the deportation of her ex-boyfriend, American actor William Lee O’ Brian, for illegally working in the country. 

Pokwang was accompanied by her lawyer Rafael Vincente Calinisan when she made a 35-page complaint to the Bureau of Immigration.

She requested the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to cancel O’Brian’s tourist visa so he could be deported while violating Sections 23 and 37 of Commonwealth Act 613 or the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940. 

Pokwang admitted that a confrontation about their business venture cost her relationship. She claimed that O’Brian also does not financially support their daughter.

When the media asked Pokwang to confirm filing the deportation against O’Brian, she could not share information as it is prohibited under data privacy law. 

Pokwang stated that O’Brian managed gainful employment in the country even though he only renewed his tourist visa. 

O’Brian was part of the movie called “Sandwich,” which premiered on Vivamax on May 19. Pokwang dissed O’Brian, saying he has misplaced pride and enjoys his privileges in the country unjustly. 

Pokwang added that O’Brian has been unfaithful to her by flirting with other women and maliciously communicating with them.

Pokwang stated, “This caused me so much stress during my pregnancy that caused my admission to the hospital because of bleeding.”

O’Brian was also allegedly womanizing and doing scandalous behavior that could affect their daughter.

The two have been in a relationship for over six years until they broke up in November 2021.– WhatALife!/Zain

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