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GUIDE: What are the Requirements for SSS Death Claims?

guide what are the requirements for sss death claims

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Losing a loved one is a difficult experience, and financial matters can add to the burden during such times. The Social Security System (SSS) supports the families of deceased members through death claims. Understanding the requirements for SSS death claims is crucial for those seeking financial assistance in the event of a family member’s passing. Now, look at the requirements, filing process, and other relevant details for SSS death claims.

What is the SSS Death Claim?

SSS Death Claims refer to the financial benefits provided by the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines to the beneficiaries or dependents of a deceased SSS member. When a member of the SSS passes away, their dependents or beneficiaries may be entitled to receive financial assistance to help them cope with the loss and cover funeral expenses. The death benefits provided by the SSS are designed to support the family left behind and alleviate the financial burden caused by the member’s death.

Pre- Requisites for Online Filing

  1. Claimants must have an SS Number and be registered on the SSS Website to apply for death benefit claims through the My.SSS portal.
  1. Claimants must have a UMID card enrolled as an ATM or an approved disbursement account in the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM) in the My.SSS portal.

Eligibility Requirements for SSS Death Claims

These are the following requirements for sss death claims:

  1. Support date of birth, marriage, or death with birth/baptismal certificate, marriage contract, or death certificate (original duplicate/certified true copy/certified photocopy) duly registered with the National Statistics Office/ Local Civil Registrar Office/Parish/Church. The baptismal certificate may be submitted in lieu of a birth certificate. For members who died abroad, the death certificate should be duly registered with the Vital Statistics Office of the country where the member died. 
  2. Present original and submit photocopy of single savings account passbook/ATM card with name and copy of bank validated deposit slip or Cash Card Enrollment Form. 
  3. Attach your recent 1 x 1 photo. 
  4. Affix your fingerprints (right thumb and right index) on the portions provided in the application form in the presence of an SSS employee. If the claimant cannot sign, fingerprints should be witnessed by two (2) persons, at least one (1) of whom is an SSS employee. 
  5. Present Social Security Card or SS Form E-6 Acknowledgment Stub with two valid IDs, at least one (1) with a photo. 
  6. Present the original and submit a photocopy of the identification cards.  

Death Benefit

The death benefit is intended to help defray the expenses incident to the burial and funeral of the deceased member, pensioner, or retiree under RA 660, RA 1616, PD 1146, and RA 8291. It is payable to any qualified individual under the following order of priority:

  1. Legitimate spouse,
  2. A legitimate child who spent for the funeral services, or
  3. Any other person who can show incontrovertible proof that he shouldered the funeral expenses of the deceased.

Aside from the beneficiary, the dependents of the deceased member are also eligible to claim a dependent pension equal to 10% of the monthly pension or Php 250, whichever is higher.

  • Dependents must be below 21 years old unless incapacitated and financially dependent on the deceased member.
  • Up to 5 children starting from the youngest, can claim it, and no substitution will be allowed.
  • Children must be legitimate, legitimated, or legally adopted.
  • If there are less than five legitimate, legitimated, or legally adopted children, then the illegitimate child(ren) may also claim to complete the five dependents.
  • The dependents must have no work.
  • The dependents must have no spouse.

How much is the Death claim?

The SSS provides a funeral benefit of up to PHP 20,000 to help cover the funeral expenses of the deceased member. This benefit is available to the person who paid for the funeral expenses. However, it should be provided that they have receipts and other documents as proof of payment. You will have to submit the documents to SSS for the claim.

Steps for claiming the SSS Death benefit

Here are the steps for claiming the SSS death benefit:

1. Go to the nearest SSS branch.

Find the closest SSS branch in your region and determine what is required there. Use this opportunity to inquire about the death benefit.

The branch has forms easily available. However, if you’d like, you may print them. If you do, you may submit the claim on your initial visit. The local civil registrar’s office must properly certify death certificates before the SSS can accept them. The city hall where you submitted the death certificate is where you may obtain it.

2. Submit the requirements

You can submit the SSS funeral claim immediately upon your initial visit. You must undoubtedly endure the lengthy claiming line. Be prepared; each time I visited the SSS branch, it took me approximately a half-day. Request their number and return date after submitting the prerequisites.

3. Claim the cheque

Visit the SSS branch on the designated date to get it in check if that is what you desire. However, you could get paid online because SSS encourages checkless transactions. You must enroll a disbursement account in the Bank Enrollment Module (BEM) of your My.SSS portal if you are an SSS member.

Members can sign up for their chosen disbursement account, such as any participating bank on PESONet, an e-wallet, or an RTC/CPO like M. Lhuillier.

If you are not an SSS member, you must submit a copy of a deposit slip, ATM card, or bank certification containing the bank account number.

4. File it online

If you’re comfortable using the technology, you can easily file it in the comforts of your home. Just log in to the My.SSS members account

  1. Log in to your account 
  2. Click the e-services tab and then click the “Submit Funeral Claim Application.” 
  3. Complete the form and choose how to receive the money in the “Disbursement Account Enrollment Module.” 
  4. Once done, click “Proceed” to validate and for you to upload the required documents.
  5. The SSS will send you a confirmation email once you complete the process.

Final Thoughts

For the beneficiaries, death claims benefits can provide financial support during a difficult time, helping to cover funeral expenses, outstanding debts, and ongoing living expenses. These benefits can offer stability and relief, allowing the bereaved to focus on healing and rebuilding their lives.  – WhatALife!/Jayve

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