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Batangas Governor Mandanas, 80, takes vows with a lawyer nearly half his age 

batangas governor mandanas 80 takes vows with a lawyer nearly half his age

Batangas Governor Hermilando Mandanas takes vows with lawyer Angelica Chua, his partner, who is almost half a century younger, at a church wedding in Batangas City.

Among the guests at the wedding were President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and First Lady Liza Marcos, along with numerous other national and local politicians.

“I came here not only of my own free will, but full of love,” the 80-year old governor said in his wedding vows.

“We are both ready to raise as good Christians the children who God will give us. That is really the essence of our union, of our marriage: to have children who we will raise in a Christian way,” he said.

“I am ready whether it is going to be for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, til death do us part, exclusive.”

Chua, who is nearly 50 years younger than the governor, revealed in her vow that Mandanas asked her out on Valentine’s Day.

“I thank you for having the courage to ask me to be your valentine and for choosing to spend the rest of your life with me,” she said.

“When we first started dating, you said you needed someone stronger than you,” Chua added..

“Today, in front of God, our families and friends and of all the Batangueños, I promise to be strong for you, to support you, to always be by your side and to take good care of you,” she said.

Additionally, Chua, who obtained her law degree from Ateneo de Manila University, humorously remarked that she would make every effort to take note of her husband’s words.

“I promise to listen to you and your suggestions, but not necessarily follow you,” she said.

“It’s only part of due process.”

Moreover, the lawyer teared up as she explained why she agreed to marry the governor.

“I’ve had my heart broken so many times that I guarded up and raised my standards so high, so high no one was supposed to reach it so I wont get hurt again, until you came,” she said.

“You showed me that I deserved to be loved and respected, that with you, I can put my guard down,”  Chua added. 

“And if there is one thing I’d ask of you, it is for you to promise to stay for as long as you can so I can grow old with you.”

The ceremony took place at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Batangas, with the reception held in front of the provincial capitol building.

The couple reportedly began dating this year, less than two years following the passing of Mandanas’ wife, Anakalusugan Party-list nominee Regina Reyes.


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