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PasigPass Registration: How to get your QR Code

PasigPass Registration Here’s how to get your QR Code

(UPDATED: 1/29/2024)

Pasig Pass is a QR Code contact tracing system to improve tracking and monitoring of COVID-19 cases. As we move away from the pandemic, it has become necessary for some activities in Pasig City. See below how to register and generate your QR code, a requirement upon entering establishments in the city.

How to register to PasigPass?

Follow these simple steps below.

Step 1. Go to https://pasigpass.pasigcity.gov.ph/ on your browser to start your registration.

Step 2. Choose if you’re going to register as an individual or business.

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Step 3. For an individual registration, choose the “Individual” button under “Register new account.”

Next, choose if either you are a Pasigueño, Working in Pasig, or a visitor. Continue registration by filling out the rest of the form with utmost honesty.

Importantly, make sure to provide an active email and mobile number for verification and contact tracing purposes, and provide your account with a strong password for protection.

Step 4. After you finish, you can download your QR code. In case of QR code loss, you can also generate a new one by clicking “Renew QR code”. Moreover, you can update your account details, as well as change your login details.

Pro Tip: Print your QR code for ease of use and laminate it to protect it from damage.

A memorandum of agreement (MOA) has been signed between the cities of Mandaluyong, Pasig, Antipolo, and Valenzuela agreeing to establish a uniform contact tracing and strengthen its data collection, as well allow users to download one QR code traveling within these cities.

For inquiries and concern about the pasig pass qr registration, email them at pasigpass@pasigcity.gov.ph.

—(Source: Pasig City PIO)

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