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NGCP places Luzon grid on yellow, red alert on Nov. 28

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES — On Monday, November 28, the National Grid Corporation places the Luzon grid under Yellow and Red Alert due to thinning reserves.

Due to forced outages and limited plant capacities, the Luzon grid, which makes up 74 percent of the country’s total power demand, is placed under scheduled Yellow and Red Alerts.

The Red Alert is scheduled from 5 pm to 6 pm today. Meanwhile, the Yellow Alert is imposed from 10 am to 5 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm.

“Six (6) power plants are on forced outage, while three (3) others are running on derated capacities, for a total of 2,648MW unavailable to the grid,” the NGCP said. 

The NGCP also said the available capacity was seen at 10,708 megawatts versus the peak demand of 10,246 megawatts.

Power Grid Alerts: What do they mean?

Since the Red and Yellow alerts have been declared, here is some relevant information to know.

The privately-owned NGCP announces alerts if the power supply is insufficient to meet the demand.

  • White Alert – there is sufficient supply
  • Yellow Alert – power reserves are low
  • Red Alert – power is insufficient, which results in rotational brownouts or manual load dropping

In case of a Red Alert, vital institutions such as hospitals, trains, airports, and public stations are prioritized to have power due to the demand for services. – WhatALife!

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