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GUIDE: Jollibee Party Package 2024

Jollibee Party Package

Welcome to the ultimate guide for planning your unforgettable celebration with the Jollibee Party Package 2024! Whether you’re organizing a birthday bash or a jubilant gathering, Jollibee has everything you need to turn your event into a memorable extravaganza.

In this comprehensive overview, we’ll detail Jollibee’s Party Package along with the meal bundle’s Price list.

Jollibee Party Packages

Jollibee is committed to ensuring everyone’s happiness through the exciting adventures they have in store. Additionally, themes are crafted to appeal to both boys and girls but rest assured, everyone is guaranteed to have a fantastic time, no matter the theme. So, gather your beloved kids and let them enjoy Jollibee’s Party Packages!

Jollitown Theme Park

The initial adventure that will surely delight kids is the Jollitown Theme Park. Prepare to take your kids on a joyful journey as we step into Jollibee’s theme park, brimming with happiness and enchanting tales. Boys and girls, prepare to savor the delightful meals and beverages that will leave you grinning from ear to ear!

Jollibee party package 1: Jollitown Theme Park
Jollitown Theme Park (Source: The Pinoy Informer)

Jollibee Fairytale Land

For those children who have a passion for Disney-like stories and themes, they’ll absolutely adore our beloved Jollibee Fairytale Land. Encourage your kids to dress up as princes and princesses for this extraordinary theme party. Create your very own Disney-inspired adventure and turn the party into an unforgettable experience for your beloved children.

Jollibee party package 2: Jollibee Fairytale Land
Jollibee Fairytale Land (Source: Jollirace)


Do you have a passion for drag racing and all those fantastic cars? JolliRace will elevate your enthusiasm to a whole new level with its intriguing designs and intricate details. Delve deeper into your love for wheels as Jollibee invites you and your friends to an extraordinary ride during the party. 

Jollibee party package 3: JolliRace
JolliRace (source: The Pinoy Informer)

Jollibee also presents the Hello Kitty party theme as integral to the Jollibee Party Package, specifically designed for girls. We suggest that you contact Jollibee branches to inquire about the possibility of hosting this theme for your children.

Jollibee Party Favors

The Jollibee birthday party package isn’t complete without these party favors. You’ll get these party favors when you book a Jollibee party and pay the party favor free of 2,500 pesos:

Jollibee party package 4: Jollibee Party Favors
Jollibee Party Favors (Source: The Pinoy Informer)
  1. 15 invitation cards
  2. 15 name tags
  3. 15 party balloons
  4. 15 activity tray mats
  5. 5 boxes of crayons
  6. Game prizes
  7. Message board
  8. Gift for the birthday celebrant
  9. Jollibee mascot appearance

You can pay an additional 500 pesos for an additional 10 loot bags worth 65 pesos each.

image 18
Loot Bag (Source: The Pinoy Informer)

However, if you want to add more mascots, you can pay PHP 1,000 for each. The rest of the mascots consist of Popo, Hetty, Twirlie, and Mr. Yum.

Jollibee Party Cake

A party isn’t complete without a cake, so Jollibee introduces Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Dedication cake. The regular size costs PHP 670, while the large size is PHP 890.

Jollibee party package 5: Jollibee Party Cake
Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Dedication Cake (Source: The Pinoy Informer)

However, if you like your cake colorful, you can also go for this delicious Rainbow dedication cake. The regular size costs PHP 720.

Rainbow Dedication Cake
Rainbow Dedication Cake (Source: The Pinoy Informer)

To add extra art to the cake, you can also purchase the Jollibee cake toppers, which costs PHP 95 each.

 Jollibee Cake Toppers
Jollibee Cake Toppers (Source: The Pinoy Informer)

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Jollibee Party Package Price List 2024

Below is the Jollibee Party Package Price list this 2024. It’s worth noting that these prices may vary depending on the branches.

Jollibee Meal Bundle APHP 210.00– Jolly Spaghetti
– Regular Fries
– Regular Pineapple Juice
– Choco Sundae
Jollibee Meal Bundle BPHP 282.00– 1pc Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti
– Regular Fries
– Pineapple Juice
– Choco Sundae
Jollibee Meal Bundle CPHP 335.00– 1pc Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti
– Regular Fries
– Regular Pineapple juice
– Choco Sundae
– Jolly Kiddie Meal Toy
Jollibee Meal Bundle DPHP 292.00– 1pc Chickenjoy with rice
– Jolly Spaghetti
– Regular Fries
– Regular Pineapple Juice
– Choco Sundae
Jollibee Bundle Menu

5 Homes15 GuestsPHP 11,500PHP 767 per Person
5 Homes30 GuestsPHP 16,500PHP 550 per Person
5 Homes60 GuestsPHP 26,500PHP 442 per Person
Jollibee Party Package Menu

How to Make Your Jollibee Party Memorable?

Here is a list of advice to help make your Jollibee party an unforgettable experience for your kids and family:

  • Reserve your Jollibee Party bundle at least 3-5 days before the date of the event.
  • Make a minimum of PHP 3,000 as a downpayment when confirming your booking.
  • Select a personalized cake for your loved one.
  • Opt for a Jollibee mascot appearance to entertain the small kids.

How to Book A Jollibee Party Service?

Booking a Jollibee Party Package revolves around the following simple steps:

  1. Visit your nearby Jollibee branch or official website.
  2. Choose your preferred package.
  3. Inquire about the party suppliers for additional coverage.
  4. Confirm your reservation with a PHP 3,000 downpayment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common inquiries customers made regarding Jollibee Party Package options and related concerns:

How much is a Jollibee mascot, and can I hire more?

Hiring a Jollibee mascot is worth just PHP 1000, depending on the availability and branch. You can hire more mascots with the same amount each.

How can I contact Jollibee party suppliers?

You can contact Jollibee party suppliers with their respective contact details. You can also reach out online to their Customer Support for further details.

Can I add a separate item outside the Party Package offer?

Additional items outside the Party Package deal may vary depending on the branch. Generally, adding a separate item will be considered as a separate order.

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