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Moira Dela Torre on her weightloss journey – no diet, no exercise, just hormones

moira dela torre on her weightloss journey

MANILA PHILIPPINES — In an Instagram post, singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre shared that she shed 60 pounds from 180 to 120 without having to go on a diet, a rigorous exercise plan, or surgeries. The singer also revealed she is cleared of ailments.

Dela Torre, 29, shared that her weight loss came with medical benefits, such as being cleared of various ailments, which include Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, Estrogen Dominance, and Infertility. 

In the same post, the singer revealed that she suffered from Bulimia, an eating disorder, in 2021. 

Moira disclosed that she went through a process of getting her hormones corrected. 

Contrary to the speculations of her fans, the singer-songwriter did not go on a diet or exercise, though she did have a workout plan. Instead, she underwent a hormone test to find out what was wrong with her system. Her consultation at the CORE Clinic led to the realization that depression, stress, and misdiagnosed PCOS caused her to gain weight.

Moira expressed her discomfort not because of her physical appearance before but because of how her weight fluctuated and how she felt mentally. 

“[I] always felt uncomfortable and unable to function at my best,” she wrote.

She also thanked Dr. Sheree Bondoc for her help. They met after Moira’s interview with broadcast anchor Karen Davila.

“She had me take a hormone test, where she found out what really was messing up my system (stress, depression and misdiagnosed pcos for years),” said Moira.

“So when we got to the real root of all the misalignment, she knew exactly which supplements to give me and the rest is history,” she added.

Check out her full post here:

The CORE Clinic Philippines – Live Long, Live Better

Dr. Bondoc is the co-founder of the CORE Clinic Philippines and is the strong force behind the clinic. Dr. Sheree, as she is called, is an accomplished OB-GYN and cosmetic gynecologist. She also practices functional and metabolic medicine.

On its website, Core Philippines has the brand vision: “Live long, live better.” The CORE Clinic merges traditional medicine with scientific, research-based innovations in metabolic and functional medicine to customize treatments for patients based on their unique hormonal, metabolic nutrition, and cellular profiles. 

Read more about their journey here: Beyond the Boundaries of the City of Golden Friendship: Kagay-anons Dr. Sheree Bondoc and Ms. Laurice Juarez

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