Home Mariel Padilla sparks controversy after getting  IV drip at senate office

Mariel Padilla sparks controversy after getting  IV drip at senate office

mariel padilla sparks controversy after getting iv drip at senate office

Mariel Padilla, a television host and actress, has ignited controversy after posting herself receiving an intravenous (IV) drip session in the Senate office of her husband, Senator Robin Padilla.

The since-deleted Instagram post depicted Mariel Padilla undergoing the treatment, captioned with the phrase, “Drip anywhere is our motto, hehehe.” 

She further elaborated on the convenience and perceived benefits of the IV drip, including skin whitening, energy boosts, and improved immunity. 

“I had an appointment with Drip in Luxe, but I was going to be late, so I had it done in my husband’s office. I never miss a drip because it really helps in so many ways,” she wrote.

In a separate deleted post, she told others to try her “drip anywhere” style.

“Try niyo rin yung style ko na drip anywhere,” she encouraged.

However, Mariel Padilla’s actions drew strong criticism from social media users who deemed it inappropriate to conduct a medical procedure in a government building designated for legislative functions. 

Comments and concerns expressed disapproval, highlighting the dissonance between the solemnity of the Senate and the frivolity of the IV drip session. 

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the conduct of public figures and the appropriate use of government facilities. 

While Mariel has deleted the offending posts, the debate continues online, raising questions about boundaries, accountability, and the influence of celebrities on public perception.

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