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JM de Guzman expresses the desire to marry Donnalyn Bartolome

jm de guzman expresses the desire to marry donnalyn bartolome

Actor JM de Guzman has sparked relationship speculations once again after revealing his aspirations to marry actress and singer Donnalyn Bartolome in the future. 

The actor openly shared his feelings towards Donnaly Bartolome, further fueling the rumors surrounding their potential romance.

On his Instagram account, he posted a photo of him with Donna Bartolome in a pink dress with the caption, “How I wish I see you walk down the aisle,” tagging Donna with a happy face with heart eyes emoji.

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The actor acknowledged his admiration for Donna and admitted to envisioning a future together. 

While he emphasized the importance of taking things slow, his openness about his feelings has certainly ignited public interest.

The two celebrities have been linked romantically since their collaboration on Donnaly Bartolome’s YouTube channel. 

Further public noise has been made after another recent vlog collaboration, “Not So Friendly Date.”

Their undeniable chemistry on screen and playful interactions on social media has fueled fan theories about their relationship status. 

However, neither JM nor Donna have officially confirmed any romantic involvement.

Despite the lack of concrete confirmation of whether their bond blossoms into a full-fledged romance or remains a friendly admiration, their undeniable connection has sparked public curiosity and generated buzz within the entertainment industry.

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