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Marcos Calls Filipinos to ‘Transcend Political Barriers’ and Unity

marcos calls filipinos to transcend political barriers and unity

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. calls on Filipinos to ‘transcend political barriers’ and encourages unity on Ninoy Aquino Day.

Ninoy Aquino Day commemorates the death of Sen. Benigno Ninoy Aquino Jr., who was assassinated during the time of Marcos Jr.’s father, Ferdinand Marcos Sr.’s ruling. 

The death of Ninoy Aquino stopped the dictatorship of Marcos 40 years ago, which caused a series of mass demonstrations. 

Filipinos celebrate Ninoy Aquino Day as he was the senator who bravely went against the dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s father. His death sparked the People Power Revolution in February 1986 during martial law under Marcos. 

On the day Ninoy Aquino came back to Manila, he was gunned down at the airport. 

Marcos Jr. may not have stated specific events that happened back then. Still, he tried to mention and call for unity, collaboration, and progress among the Filipinos. 

Marcos Jr. states, “I stand united with all Filipinos worldwide in commemorating Ninoy Aquino Day. By standing for his beliefs and fighting for battles he deemed right, he became an example of relentlessness and resolve for many Filipinos,” Marcos stated on August 21, 2023.

“Let us imbue ourselves with clarity of mind and unity in purpose so we can proceed towards a future that resonates with our hopes and dreams,” President Marcos adds. 

Additionally, Marcos Jr. urged Filipinos to let go of their “love for the country” and instead foster a culture of “environments where empathy, compassion, and dialogue prevail.”

Aquino was the husband of Corazon Aquino, a former president whose election to the office signaled the end of the Marcos Sr. regime.

When Aquino’s death anniversary fell on August 21 of last year, Marcos made no public remarks about it. The majority of government channels were also quiet. The few who did ultimately circulated rumors about the late senator from the opposition.

“As we take measured yet realistic strides towards progress, let us allow our indomitable spirit to drive us to uplift every Filipino and build an inclusive and more progressive Philippines,” said Marcos Jr. – WhatALife!/Zain

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