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Making The Most out of the Holidays during Holy Week in 2024

making the most out of the holidays during holy week in 2024

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The most sacred period of the liturgical calendar is fast approaching. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, these days encompasses observances, joyous feasts, and spiritual experiences. Thus, the Holy Week of 2024 presents the time and opportunity for believers to recommit to prayer and draw closer to God. Read more to learn about this special occasion!

Upcoming Days Within The Holy Week

Similar to past years, the 2024 Holy Week has no fixed date on the calendar. The movable nature of Holy Week, leading up to Easter, is dictated by the lunisolar liturgical calendar, aligning with lunar and solar cycles, in contrast to the fixed solar calendar. 

The Holy Week reflects on Jesus’ days, leading through the Last Supper to His crucifixion and His Resurrection. It is summarized that many prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled within this one week. 

When it comes to Holy Week in the Philippines, it is regarded highly as a special celebration, as around 78% of Filipinos are Roman Catholics. It is also eagerly awaited as one of the country’s annual extended weekends, where non-Catholics can use the extended days for vacation or rest.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday marks the first day and, as such, the starting period of the Holy Week. It is said that we celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on this day. It is during His entry where palms are lowered as he enters.

On Palm Sundays, Catholics will hold woven palm fronds or palaspás in hand during the day’s Mass. The priest will approach the attendants and sprinkle holy water onto the palms as he recites a small prayer. Palm Sunday falls on March 24, 2024

Monday to Wednesday of the Holy Week

Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will occur like any normal day. On these days, normal daily Mass will be held. The gospel readings within these days will include passages from the Gospels of John and Matthew regarding The Last Supper leading and Judas betraying Jesus.

Holy Wednesday is also marked as the last working day of the week. Within this day, many citizens will set up to prepare for the remaining days of the Holy Week.

Holy Thursday

Widely known as Maundy Thursday, this day marks the beginning of the Easter Triduum, the three days leading up to Jesus’ Resurrection. The focal point of Holy Thursday is the symbolic reenactment of the Washing of the Feet of the Twelve Apostles, which reflects how Jesus has done to His disciples as a symbol of serving others through selfless love.

Another notable point is the reception of the Holy Oils, which are blessed by the local bishop before the liturgy and will be used for the rest of the year. Maundy Thursday is set for March 28, 2024.

Good Friday

Good Friday is known as the only day in the entire year in which no Mass is celebrated. In fact, it is considered to be the most solemn day of the year. To this day, Catholics honor the sacrifice of Jesus and recollect and reflect on the events that led up to His Death and His sacrifice. Good Friday will occur on March 29, 2024.

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday hosts the Easter Vigil, the most distinctive and significant liturgy of the year, marking the end of the Triduum and the start of Easter festivities. Notably, the Mass takes place at night.

A bonfire outside the church kindles the Paschal candle, and handheld candles share their flame among attendees. The Liturgy of the Word comprises nine readings in the darkness, with lights illuminating as the Mass progresses. The Easter Vigil, a joyful and celebratory liturgy, concludes late at night and is scheduled for March 30, 2024.

Easter Sunday

While it is deemed a special day, Easter Sunday is similar to those that occur during ordinary days compared to the other days and services within the Holy Week. However, the atmosphere from the Easter Vigil continues on and celebrates with flowers and decorations erected to reflect Jesus’ Resurrection.

Easter is among the most attended services of the year and is held on March 31, 2024.  

Frequently Asked Questions About The Holy Week in 2024

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming Holy Week of 2024 in the Philippines.

What Are The Holidays For Easter 2024?

The days referred to as special non-working holidays for the 2024 Holy Week are the Days of the Easter Triduum, which starts from Maundy Thursday up until Black Saturday. 

The date begins on March 24, which is Palm Sunday, up to March 31 for Catholics who are confirming when is the Holy Week of 2024.

How Many Philippine Holidays Will Be There in 2024?

The Malacanang Palace has released the official proclamation that lists ten regular holidays with eight special non-working days for 2024. Some of these holidays may fall on a Monday or a Friday, with others falling on the weekends. Feel free to check out our list of regular holidays in 2024 for more details.

Is February 10, 2024 A Holiday In The Philippines?

Chinese New Year falls on February 10, 2024, which is designated as a special non-working holiday. An official confirmation also states that February 9 has been declared a special non-working holiday, providing an extended celebration period.

Final Thoughts

The Holy Week in the Philippines is a revered time for spiritual connection through prayer and fasting. This period reflects the significant days of Jesus and His sacrifice. In other words, it reminds Catholics and believers of the profound meaning embedded in these days and its resonance with their faith.

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