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Bohol distributes assistance to 7 POs

bohol distributes assistance to 7 pos

The Bohol provincial government headed by Governor Aumentado, provided livelihood assistance to seven people’s organizations (POs) on Sunday, January 28. 

Through the Provincial Cooperative Development Office (PCDO), the provincial government granted livelihood assistance exceeding P1.1 million to people’s organizations (POs) in the municipalities of Candijay, Catigbian, San Miguel, and Ubay.

Governor Erico Aristotle Aumentado presented a check amounting to P203,470 to the San Vicente Organic Chicken Growers Association in San Vicente, Ubay.

The funds will aid the association in their agricultural and veterinary supply retailing initiative to further enhance its production of livestock in the province. 

At the Cadapdapan Barangay Hall in Candijay, the governor provided equipment and financial support to the Cadapdapan Eskaya Tribe Farmer’s Association (CETFA) and Panaghugpong sa Mamumuo ug Mag-uuma sa Cadapdapan (PAMAMACA).

CETFA was given a collection of dairy milking equipment as it is one of their local products that needs further attention, while PAMAMACA received a financial grant of P132,850 to support their ginger tea production which captures many customers in the area.

In Tomoc, San Miguel, the Tomoc Farmers Association was granted P203,470, and the Bayanihan Women’s Association received P203,479 and was expected to be used for the enhancement and development of their respective produce.

Aumentado also handed over P350,653 to the Kahayag Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association in support of their daily living.

The Ambuan United Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Catigbian obtained P426,696 designated for its mini-rice mill facility to support rice production in the province.

“I hope that the associations would continue to work and ensure that the aid is used effectively so that the provincial government can provide further assistance,” Aumentado said.

The Bohol Provincial Government remains committed to aiding small organizations involved in local product production within the province. This initiative aims to enhance not only the province’s local products but also contribute to the growth of tourism and the provision of aiding farmers and local producers with benefits in their businesses. 


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