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Beauty Queens Wurtzbach and Gutierrez Reunite in Paris

beauty queens wurtzbach and gutierrez reunite in paris

“The reunion you’ve all been waiting for. 😉” Pia Wurtzbach writes in her Instagram post featuring her and Ariadna Gutierrez walking along the streets of Paris, France.

Gutierrez also expressed her joy in reuniting with her fellow beauty queen, commenting on Wurtzbach’s post with, “It’s been almost eight years since the last time we were together. So happy to see you again”. Gutierrez added to expressing her joy in another Instagram story where she captioned, “When time makes sure you meet the right people once again.”

Almost eight years have gone by since the crowning of Miss Universe Philippines, Pia Gutierrez in a very controversial Miss Universe crowning and the two have not seen each other since the coronation night where both queens were in the top 2 of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant.

Both queens reunited in the City of Love after meeting in Milan for Milan Fashion Week.

It’s refreshing to see these two former rivals for the Miss Universe crown in 2015 experience Paris together as good friends after the mishap in the coronation when host Steve Harvey mixed up the judges’ decision for the Miss Universe crown.

Gutierrez recently shared that although she may be on good terms with Wurtzbach, she does not share the same sentiments with Miss Universe 2014, Paulina Vega. Sources share that the rift between Gutierrez and Vega began when Vega thought that Colombia could have the title of Miss Universe for two consecutive years and shared her disappointment when Gutierrez lost the crown to Wurtzbach in 2015.

Gutierrez shared the sentiments about her cousin, Vega that, “I saw her as a reference. I admired her a lot. But it has happened to me many times in my life that when you admire someone on television or in a photo and an image is put together, then you meet it in person, and you see that it is not real. What a disappointment!”

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