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LIST: Driving Schools in Quezon City

list driving schools in quezon city

If you’re planning to learn how to drive and you happen to live at or even near Quezon City, then this article is for you. There are quite a number of driving schools in Quezon City that locals can enroll in. However, individuals should go for an initial review to try and comprehend these driving schools’ backgrounds and what they offer. Metro Manila has tons of driving schools, and plenty of them are known to be excellent in teaching driving.

On top of that, these schools are LTO-accredited, so you can always guarantee a seamless experience once you start working on your driver’s license application. In this article, we will be providing a list of quality driving schools within Quezon City. These schools can differ in their ways of training and lessons offered, so it’s best to know their respective details.

Benefits of Enrolling in Driving Schools

While individuals can casually learn to drive, it’s important to remember that learning alongside professionals is a must, which, in return, offers the best experience. Plus, it’s easier to go through the process of claiming your driver’s license since these driving schools are connected to LTO. Driving schools have the best professional instructors who can share their driving knowledge with you.

Enrolling in a driving school in Quezon City will give you the chance to explore a wide variety of lessons you need to know about driving. You can engage in both theoretical and practical courses, which give you the best of worlds. Not just that, we also have a list of more benefits you can get when enrolling aspiring drivers in driving schools.

Before we get to the list of quality driving schools in Quezon city, here’s why enrolling in driving schools is essential.

Learn Defensive Driving

When you enroll in driving schools, professionals will teach you how to proactively avoid possible collisions or car accidents that are caused by reckless drivers and bad weather conditions. Defensive driving also involves learning about the basic rules of driving, such as the do’s and don’ts to safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

Safety-Focused Education

Safety-focused education mainly focuses on the rules and tips that drivers should follow to ensure a safe driving experience. Through this process, drivers will gradually develop healthy driving habits and avoid harmful driving practices that can harm them on the road.

Build Trust from Peers and Family

When on the road, it’ll be easier for your peers and family to trust your driving when you’ve successfully finished driving courses and finally mastered driving as a whole. In this way, your passengers will have peace of mind along the trip and will be able to ensure that they’re safe under your company.

 Driver’s License Application Requirement

You heard that right. When applying for a driver’s license, one of the most important requirements the Land of Transportation(LTO) will look for is your driving school certificate. Drivers are usually expected to complete their driving courses before they proceed to other requirements. Remember, enrolling in driving school provides you with lifetime knowledge.

Driving Schools in Quezon City

In this section, you’ll be able to have a brief overview of a couple of driving schools in Metro Manila that offer quality driving courses. This part of the article mainly aims to guide local citizens better and give them a glimpse of the driving schools’ basic details. Here are the driving schools you can enroll in.

Smart Driving School

Smart Driving School prides itself on their modern facilities and brand-new training vehicles that foster a conducive learning environment for their students. The driving school was also recognized as Most Outstanding Driving and Training School from 2016 to 2020 by the Costumers Choice Awards, inducted into the HALL OF FAME as the BEST DRIVING SCHOOL in the 11th National Product Quality Excellency Awards 2016

Location: 701 Makalintal Building, Boni Ave, Brgy. Malamig, Mandaluyong City, NCR, Philippines

Contact number: (02) 8534-7152 / 0955-3165293 / 0955-3165307 / 0946-306-4510

Website: https://www.smartdriving.com.ph/  

B3S Driving School

B3S Driving School mainly focuses on mastering discipline and expertise on the road. B3S also ensures that they get to provide the right instructional materials to teach aspiring drivers better. Their team is also equipped with solid leadership, communication, and access to good resources that contribute to productive collaboration.

Location: 537 Santol St Sampaloc Manila

Contact number: (02)-8716-456 / 0923-233-1986 / 0969-038-3987

Website: https://b3s.driving.com.ph/ 

A-1 Driving School

A-1 Driving Company, Inc. started operating on March 31, 1977 as A-1 Driving Academy. This driving school was only armed with two training vehicles, a 1977 Volkswagen and an owner-type Jeep. After loads of determination, the driving school grew by leaps and bounds and eventually opened their first registration office at the Guadalupe Commercial Center.

Today, A1 has more than 50 company-owned registration centers nationwide and over 170 modern training vehicles to choose from.

Location: 2 Sta. Lucia St., Plainview, Mandaluyong City

Contact number: +63 956 420 7915

E-mail: info@a-1driving.com

Website: https://a-1driving.com/  

These three driving schools mentioned above are certainly highly respected due to their excellence and dedication to fostering fine drivers. The moment you wonder which driving school in Quezon City to go for, make sure to visit these driving schools’ respective websites for more information. – WhatALife!/Val

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