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Richard Gutierrez, on producing own film, talks about Hollywood dream

richard gutierrez on producing own film talks about hollywood dream

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Filipino actor Richard Gutierrez talks about making his film and fulfilling his Hollywood dream.

According to the actor, he wants a movie version of the action-drama series “The Iron Heart,” with him as a lead star and a co-producer.

“A movie would require a longer time to prepare, though. The work we do for TV, especially now that we’re already working on our second season, is very strict when it comes to following schedules. We have to be on the dot. We can’t miss a beat,” he said.

“A movie would require material that will run for a maximum of two hours. I’m open to the idea of doing it because, this way, the storyline will be improved. I would also love to produce it on my own, but ABS-CBN owns the intellectual property rights for ‘The Iron Heart,’ so let’s see. I hope we can collaborate with Star Cinema,” Richard told Inquirer Entertainment in a recent interview.

To work abroad is also a possibility for Richard, he said. “This should really be the target of Filipino artists now to work with an international production. This is the one thing that we should focus our attention on, especially because, after the emergence of streaming, it became easier for many to cross over. We now have more opportunities. I think with our skills, our talents and everything we can offer as an industry, the fulfillment of our Hollywood dream doesn’t seem impossible anymore,” he added.

“It doesn’t have to be Hollywood right away. We can conquer Southeast Asia first by tying up with some of them. Besides, Filipino-produced material can now be seen in Thailand and Malaysia. This is the most exciting news for us today.”

The actor also disclosed that “The Iron Heart” has already tapped Singaporean Ace Wang Yan Bin as its acting director. He works alongside our very own Lester Pimentel Ong and Richard Ibasco Arellano.

“When we work on our action scenes, he looks at the ‘John Wick’ series as our standard,” Richard added. “But we also have different references in action. Sometimes, we would adopt Jackie Chan’s style, meaning, we would make use of the things we see in our environment as weapons. We also make Jet Li, Ethan Hunt [from the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise] and the James Bond series as references. Oftentimes, we would watch videos to get ideas, but end up making it our own with what we currently have.” 

“The Iron Heart,” which also stars Jake Cuenca, Dimples Romana, Sue Ramirez and Albert Martinez, airs at 8:45 p.m. on the Kapamilya Channel, A2Z and TV5. – WhatALife!/Val

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