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Jhong Hilario Graduates Magna Cum Laude

jhong hilario graduates magna cum laude

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Jhong Hilario, actor-dancer-TV host personnel, has finished his studies at Arellano University and graduated magna cum laude. 

Hilario is proud that he finally fulfilled his parent’s dream of finishing his studies. He got a degree in Political Science from Arellano University.

On the day of his graduation, the actor showed pride and happiness as he finished magna cum laude.

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The actor posted his graduation photo on social media, captioning it with, “Virgilio ‘Jhong’ V Hilario Jr, AB Political Science, Arellano University, Magna Cum Laude.”

Hilario was well-known as a host on “It’s Showtime” and has left a lasting mark on the entertainment world as he already graduates with a successful career. 

He was shown on both big and small screens, capturing audiences through series and movies, including his memorable role in a tv series called “Mara Clara.” He was also well-known for his dance moves on” Showtime,” followed by other tv and movie projects. 

Several of his celebrity friends congratulated him in the comments of his post. Including the page of the show he hosts, “It’s Showtime.” Amy Perez, Nikki Valdez, Nicole Cordoves, Eruption, Myrtle Sarrosa, Carmen Soo, and Zsa Zsa Padilla were some people. 

Currently, Hilario is serving as a councilor in Makati’s First District as he shows himself as an example of unwavering dedication to artistic and community service. – WhatALife!/Zain

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