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GTK K-Drama Star Jeon Yeo-bin: 10 Things Fans Need To Know About


Curious who’s the actress behind the cunning, sharp-tongued counterpart of Song Jong-ki in the latest K-drama series Vincenzo

Check out below the list of facts new fans should know about Jeon Yeo-bin (Jeon Yeo-been)!

She’s a Leo

Born July 26, 1989, in Gangneung, South Korea, Yeo-bin is a charismatic Leo.

She studied Broadcast Entertainment

Yeo-bin had a taste of acting when she studied Broadcast Entertainment at Dongduk Women’s University. But it wasn’t until five years later when she considered pursuing a career in acting.

Her first acting gig was for a short film

Then 26-years-old Yeo-bin had her first acting project when she partook in a short film titled The Best Director in 2015, in which actress Moon So-ri personally approached her for the role.

She’s best known for her performance in the movie After My Death

Yeo-bin rose to fame after her remarkable performance in After My Death (2018) and won the Actress of the Year Award during the 22nd Busan International Film and the Independent Star Award at the 2017 Seoul Independent Film Festival. 

She’s recognized by Korean viewers as a “freaky newcomer”

Following her success in the movie After My Death, Yeo-bin received the moniker “freaky newcomer” from the media and film-goers and hailed as one of the most promising actresses to have debut recently in South Korea.

She landed her first lead K-drama role in 2019

Two years after her movie debut, Yeo-bin first appeared on television series as a supporting role in the 2017 drama titled Save Me. She’d then land her first lead role in the romantic comedy Be Melodramatic in 2019, along with co-stars Chun Woo-hee and Han Ji-eun.

She’s signed under J-wide Company

J-wide Company manages Yeo-bin along with co-actors Oh Min-suk, Min Ji-A, Choi Yoon-so, Lee Sang-yoon, among others.

She prefers to lead a quiet lifestyle

Unlike her outgoing energy in interviews, Yeo-bin said in Elle Korea that she prefers a relaxed and quiet lifestyle such as taking walks, watching movies, reading books—she even finds great enjoyment in washing dishes!

She earned praises from her Vicenzo leading man, Song Jong-ki

Jong-ki has said nothing but praises for her leading lady since Vincenzo aired. According to him, Yeo-bin’s acting performance is something viewers have never seen before. “Jeon Yeo-bin is an actress whose acting is not only fun to watch, but a kind of acting that hasn’t been seen before,” said the veteran actor. “As a fellow actor, I’m envious of many aspects [of her talent], and she’s a partner that gives me a lot of motivation.”

She’s active on Instagram

Want to know more about Yeo-bin? Follow her on Instagram at @jeon.yeobeen

(Reference: preview.ph)

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