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Janice de Belen recalls past relationship with Gabby Concepcion

janice de belen recalls past relationship with gabby concepcion

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Veteran actress Janice de Belen sparked attention online after sharing heartwarming conversations about her past relationships and reconciliation with Gabby Concepcion.

Janice de Belen reminisced about a time when, in her past relationship, Gabby Concepcion apologized to her due to their past involvement.

Gabby was dating Janice before “ShaGab,” being a reel-to-real pair. The Soap Opera Princess revealed that Janice and Sharon had a short argument.

“Si Sharon syempre nagkaroon kami ng konting issue because of Gabby. Nung natapos na kami ni Gabby, parang tapos na rin ‘yon. Okay naman kami when we see each other, we’re fine, we’re okay. We have no problems,” she said. 

She asserted that both of them are okay with each other. Further saying that they sometimes talk about their past. 

“Gabby Concepcion, ayan naman ang first love ko. It’s just nice because after all those years Gabby and I are friends. Minsan pagkikwentuhan namin ‘yung past lolokohin ko pa siya and game na game siya.”

“So wala akong galit whatsoever. Okay kami. Walang drama. After what happened to us, he apologized to me. Sabi niya sakin, ‘Whatever hurt I have caused you, I wanted to say I’m sorry,” Janice de Belen clearly stated after Gabby Concepcion said sorry to her.

Janice emphasized that she holds no grudges and cherishes their current friendship. She acknowledged the sincerity of Gabby’s apology and admitted to feeling embarrassed about the past issues surrounding their relationships.

The actress emphasized that the apology was a personal one and not intended for the public eye. 

However, the gesture became public knowledge, leading Janice de Belen to reflect on the complexities of their shared history with Gabby Concepcion.

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