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Sharon Cuneta reveals brief separation with Kiko Pangilinan 

sharon cuneta reveals brief separation with kiko pangilinan

MANILA, Philippines – Megastar Sharon Cuneta disclosed on her social media that she and her husband Kiko Pangilinan had separated temporarily.

“Happy New Year, everybody. I’m with my family. We’re fine and we love you,” Cuneta expressed.

Frankie and Kiko, whom KC no longer follows on Instagram, also greeted the younger actress, saying, “We love you, ate!”

Cuneta then addressed the speculations that arose from her previous social media posts, expressing disappointment over the negative comments.

“I’m sorry to anyone I may have hurt. All my posts were simply to show my sadness,” she stated. “After feeling sad, we rectify some things, and then we become happy.”

“And for the record, there’s nothing wrong with our brains. We’re good, we’re normal, we just have emotions because we’re real people. I love you all! Merry Christmas,” she added.

Interrupting, Kiko said: “As I’ve been saying, every family, every couple has disagreements.”

Before Kiko could finish, Cuneta admitted: “We had a fight, we separated, but we have reconciled, so we’re okay now.”

“That’s the meaning of all the messages I posted. All the other posts were for people close to me who I thought needed those posts,” she clarified. “You always assume; please don’t assume.”

In the livestream, Cuneta mentioned that the entire family, including Kiko, would be traveling overseas to celebrate her upcoming birthday. After extending their best wishes to their followers, Cuneta, Kiko, and their children ended the livestream.

Cuneta has a busy schedule for 2024, including five films, three of which are already approved for production. She also has two Valentine’s concerts and a tour in the United States lined up. When questioned about the chance of one of these concerts repeating her reunion performance with ex-husband Concepcion, she enigmatically replied, “We’ll see!”

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