Home US Coast Guard bolsters commitment to counter illegal activities in Indo-Pacific region 

US Coast Guard bolsters commitment to counter illegal activities in Indo-Pacific region 

USCG to help build PH, others’ capacity vs. illegal sea activities

The US Coast Guard (USCG) reaffirms its unwavering dedication to assisting the Philippines and other Indo-Pacific partners in combating illegal activities within their waters.

In a telephone briefing on Wednesday, USCG Commandant Admiral Linda Fagan said that its partnerships with states promote a rule-based order and foster maritime security and stability throughout the region. 

Through strategic partnerships forged with like-minded allies, the US COAST Guard (USCG) upholds international law principles and meticulously established protocols to safeguard maritime interests and ensure compliance with established regulations.

Operating with strict adherence to international norms and the sanctity of the rule of law,  the US plays a pivotal role in combating many illegal activities that threaten the security and stability of the Indo-Pacific maritime domain.

From the devastation of illegal fishing to smuggling and other maritime crimes, the USCG remains steadfast in its commitment to deterring and decisively countering such activities.

They are carefully orchestrating operations at sea and cultivating symbiotic alliances with regional counterparts.

The significance of the US engagement with the Philippines is underscored by a historic milestone achieved during its landmark visit to Tacloban in October of the preceding year.

Discussions centered on mutual capabilities, symbiotic training opportunities, and community engagement initiatives meticulously crafted to fortify regional maritime security and cooperation.

The USCG recently assumed the role of host to a pivotal subject matter expert exchange on maritime law enforcement conducted in partnership with the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).

“And we will continue to operate and engage that way as a demonstration of the importance of the rule of law and ensuring that nations have capacity and capability to counter illegal activities or other encroachments of sovereignty,” Admiral Fagan stated.

As the USCG continues to bolster its engagement with regional allies and stakeholders, it remains resolved to uphold maritime security and stability for the mutual benefit of all nations within the Indo-Pacific region.


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