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WATCH: Jackson Wang’s “Cruel” music video

jackson wang cruel music video

Jackson Wang released a music video for ‘Cruel,’ the latest song off his upcoming album ‘Magic Man,’ on July 29, along with the announcement that ‘Magic Man’ would be released on September 9.

Watch the music video below:

In the video, Wang appears in an alternate reality and utilizes his fire-breathing abilities to defeat an army of soot-covered soldiers.

“I’m coming back to you / So I really hope that you don’t mind / I know you want me, too / Even though you’re not mine / You got that look in your eyes,” the GOT7 singer-rapper sings on the track.

Wang described ‘Cruel’ as “a phenomenal record,” saying that it “truly established the precedent for where the story of the album needs to go and sound.”

“We were working on several recordings before this one, but we couldn’t seem to find a clear path. ‘Cruel’ is an expression of the conditions and challenges we had to endure at the time. Every time we thought we were coming near, something slipped by us, and everything seemed so far away. Once we got ‘Cruel,’ everything made sense to us; it was like a magnificent mental collapse,” the singer-rapper said.

“‘Cruel” s grunge and raw sound perfectly represent the distorted and warped story that I am trying to unfold. It is the opus to a wild yet beautiful symphony.” Wang added. 

‘Magic Man,’ produced by Wang, Daryl K, and Henry Cheung, will have ten tracks, including ‘Cruel’ and March’s previous hit ‘Blow.’

Wang performed ‘Cruel’ live during 88rising’s Head in the Clouds Forever showcase at this year’s Coachella

Wang previously reunited with GOT7 for the release of their self-titled 12th Korean-language EP in May, which featured the song ‘NANANA’ and marked the seven-member K-pop group’s first official comeback after leaving their former label JYP Entertainment.

Wang recalled “memorable” earlier experiences with GOT7 as an idol trainee at JYP Entertainment and guest on WOODY FM, the famous Thai radio show. –WhatALife!/Brix

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