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Israel Bombs Gaza Advance of Ground Invasion

israel bombs gaza advance of ground invasion

Israel has recently thrown heavy fire on Gaza overnight after warning they would intensify attacks before a ground invasion. It has been three weeks since Hamas began their attacks.

The U.S. defense department, Pentagon, has stated that they are reinforcing their troops in the Middle East to “assist in the defense” of their ally, Israel.

Relief entered Gaza on Saturday, October 21. However, the twenty trucks that were permitted to enter the area were described as “a drop in the ocean,” given how grave the humanitarian situation currently is, with the Gaza bombing affecting 2.4 million people.

Hamas militants originally seized Israel from the Gaza Strip on October 7 and have taken at least 1,400 lives, mostly civilians. Israeli officials stated that victims were mostly shot, mutilated, or burned to death.

The retaliation bombing reportedly took 4,300 Palestinians, who were mostly civilians as well. A significant percentage of Gaza’s housing has been damaged or destroyed by the destruction. The United Nations has shared, citing Israeli local authorities, that they have stopped food delivery, water, fuel, and electricity.

Israel now intends to intensify its bombardments to minimize their troops’ risks in the event of a ground invasion. 

An AFP journalist in Rafah witnessed a man carrying his young child’s masked corpse as numerous people wept at the sight of a row of dead bodies. The Pentagon also said they were ready to deploy additional troops who are now waiting for orders. However, the defense organization couldn’t specify how many men would be deployed after the Gaza bombing.

The Gaza Strip was already originally blocked for sixteen years and could only meet their basic needs. However, since the October 7 attacks, Gaza no longer has food, water, and electricity supplies. Currently, over two million Gazan Palestinians are in dire need of aid to survive the situation.

Even with the possibility of supplies being flown in, the Gaza airport was destroyed by Israel twenty-two years ago. However, two Egyptian airstrips are available, al-Gorah and el-Arish.

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