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How to Request for BPI Credit Card Limit Increase 

how to request for bpi credit card limit increase

Requesting a credit limit increase from the Bank Of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is fine unless you plan on making big purchases. There are two ways to get a higher credit card limit in the Philippines. Either wait for the bank to raise your credit limit automatically or apply for an increase. If you choose the second option, prepare to submit income documents to prove that you have sufficient income to pay for a higher monthly credit card bill.

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How To Increase Credit Limit for  BPI Credit card

A credit card limit increases your spending power, which could be beneficial when preparing for the unexpected, such as emergency funds. It lowers your credit utilization ratio, with 30% or less being the ideal percentile, as the lower you can get, the better it is for your credit score

You have two options for raising your credit card limit: requesting a credit limit increase from a customer service agent or waiting for the BPI bank to do so automatically.

When you apply, prepare to provide proof of income, as it will show that you can afford a more outstanding monthly credit payment. You’ll be asked to submit income documents such as income tax return (ITR) or payslips, which BPI will use to evaluate your credit-worthiness for a higher credit card limit. 

Your request for a BPI credit limit increase will be processed at a different time, but often a few weeks. You can contact the hotline by phone or email to find out how your request is progressing. 

Just call the BPI Express Phone Hotline (889-10000). Does BPI automatically increase your credit limit? Yes, BPI will notify you via SMS of your BPI credit card limit increase, which usually takes effect immediately.

Make Sure You are Financially Stable

The bank will review your request for an increase in credit limit in detail. Your income, work status, and credit score are taken into account. You have a fair chance of getting authorized for a larger credit limit if you fulfill all eligibility requirements and provide all required documentation.

Do Not Make an Inquiry Too Soon

Banks review their customers’ credit card accounts every six to twelve months. Do not request to increase your credit card limit if you have only been a customer for six months, as this could be interpreted as a sign of desperation.

Give Appropriate Reasons Why You Deserve an Increase in Your Credit Card Limit

Avoid making an emotional appeal. Instead, you should provide reasonable explanations such as being a long-standing customer, always paying in full and on time, never going over your credit card limit, and having just experienced an increase in your salary.

Don’t Request Too Much

Exercise caution when requesting an increase in credit limit. A 10 to 25 percent raise is reasonable. 

What Happens When Your Credit Card Limit Is Increased?

An increase in your credit limit lowers your utilization ratio. If you constantly use more than 30% of your credit limit, your credit card provider may think you need to spend more. The ideal credit utilization ratio is 30% of your credit limit. 

You may start receiving more product offers from different lending institutions because lenders now consider you a low-risk borrower. The credit card may be upgraded to accommodate the increased credit limit. This is the best time to negotiate for the best credit card to get more benefits and rewards. 

You can buy more items, usually less expensive, in bulk. Moreover, if you are using credit cards for business, you can buy more from merchants and use the opportunity to negotiate.

Please also consider canceling other credit cards now. Doing this will cut costs and save time and effort when monitoring the charges made to these cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I know my BPI credit limit? 

  • How to Check BPI Credit Card Balance
  • Go to the BPI Online login site.
  • Enter your username and password to log in to your online account.
  • Click Other Services.
  • Under Accounts, click My Statements.
  • Select a credit card account and statement date.
  • Click Download.

What is the limit for credit card? 

A person’s credit limit, often known as their credit card limit, is the maximum amount they are allowed to spend on their credit card. The issuing company is responsible for adjusting this limit.

How can I get a higher credit limit in BPI? 

Call BPI’s 24-hour contact centre at (+632) 889-10000 to raise your credit limit if you don’t receive an automatic increase. Income documentation, such as paystubs or income tax returns (ITR), will be required of you. BPI will use these to assess your creditworthiness for a greater credit card limit.

How much can I get a credit card limit?

The credit limit on a single credit card can range from P3,000 to P60,000, depending on a number of criteria including the card’s type, your credit score, and more.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to increase BPI credit is easy; the tricky part can be making the request. Using your card sensibly and paying your bills on time can help you increase your credit limit. Once you have built trust with your credit card issuer and demonstrated your quality as a borrower, getting bank approval will be much easier. By then, you’ll be able to benefit from all the features of a credit card, such as the capacity to handle emergencies and reach financial objectives. If your request is turned down, you can always apply for a new credit card with a higher credit limit.


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