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Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano show telepathic connection in telepathy challenge

donny pangilinan and belle mariano show telepathic connection in telepathy challenge

In a special “Telepathy Challenge,” Donny and Belle tried to demonstrate their uncanny synchronization. 

The challenge required them to write identical answers in various categories, testing their telepathic connection and emotional bond.

While the pair stumbled in the initial rounds, Donny attributed their errors to mere testing and adjusting to the game’s mechanics. 

Nevertheless, their spirits remained high as they embraced the challenge.

As the game progressed, Donny and Belle found their rhythm, showcasing an impressive alignment of thoughts. 

Their jubilation was palpable when they both answered “orange” for the category of “bilog na prutas,” signaling a turning point in their telepathic journey.

In a heartwarming moment, Belle subtly guided Donny in naming a character from “Can’t Buy Me Love” associated with the Tiu mansion. 

Her hint proved effective as they both penned “Wilson Tiu,” showcasing their shared understanding and connection. 

Similarly, they effortlessly conjured the character of Mamang from Team Binondo, further solidifying their telepathic rapport.

The exciting part of their telepathic prowess was evident when they both selected “You’ll Be Safe Here” as the soundtrack from “Can’t Buy Me Love,” a song deeply intertwined with their characters BingLing’s storyline.

In a delightful conclusion, Donny and Belle seamlessly wrote “Director Mae Cruz-Alviar” as the director of “Can’t Buy Me Love,” reaffirming their remarkable synchronicity.

Out of seven categories, Donny and Belle achieved five identical answers, underscoring the strength of their telepathic connection.

Fans can continue to witness the charm and chemistry of Donny and Belle in “Can’t Buy Me Love,” airing weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z. 

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