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Melai Cantiveros celebrates 36th birthday on “ASAP Natin ‘To”

melai cantiveros celebrates 36th birthday on asap natin to

 TV host-comedienne Melai Cantiveros was treated to a special birthday celebration on the “ASAP Natin ‘To set.” The event was celebrated on April 7th, a day after Cantiveros turned 36.

Cantiveros, known for her infectious laughter and charm, had no clue of the surprise awaiting her on the “ASAP” stage. 

Initially, she thought she was merely participating in a VTR shoot for her birthday production on the show. 

However, much to her excitement, she was greeted with a celebration orchestrated by those who continue to cherish her.

Her husband, Jason Francisco, and their daughters, Mela and Stella, joined her in the heartwarming affair. 

Also present were her dear friend Jennica Garcia and her co-hosts from “Magandang Buhay,” Jolina Magdangal and Regine Velasquez.

Reflecting on the unexpected gesture, Cantiveros expressed her gratitude, admitting to being deeply touched. “Parang naiiyak ako kanina, pero magaling kasi ako magpigil ng iyak. Natouch ako kanina.” she shared.

As she gracefully embraces her 36th year, Cantiveros humorously likened the feeling to having the occasional bout of indigestion, eliciting laughter from the audience. 

However, she emphasized that at this age, the greatest gift one can give to oneself is peace of mind.

“Una si Lord, nagbibigay ng peace of mind. Number 2 is my family – Jason, Mela and Stella, mama and papa ko. Wala na kong wish na mga bagay, ang wish ko talaga is i-sustain ako ni Lord ng wisdom. Ang pinaka-wish ko maibigay sa kin ni Lord para sa daily journey sa life.” Melai remarked.

Acknowledging her preference for simpler celebrations, Melai fondly recalled her childhood birthdays in General Santos City, characterized by humble yet joyous gatherings with cousins and simple Filipino dishes.

Regarding her birthday wish, Melai desired daily sustained wisdom and guidance from the Lord. She also playfully hoped for another baby, wishing for a son born in April whom they would affectionately call “April Boy.”

While Melai and Jason feel emotionally and psychologically prepared for another child, they respect their daughter Stella’s wishes, believing that decisions should involve the whole family.

In addition to celebrating her birthday, Melai is also marking her 15th year in the industry. Happy 36th birthday, Melai!

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