Home GUIDE: How to get a Barangay Clearance in the Philippines 2024

GUIDE: How to get a Barangay Clearance in the Philippines 2024

How to get a Barangay Clearance in the Philippines

Barangays are small administrative districts in The Philippine Archipelago which form its most local level of government. Similar to most democratic governments, permits and licenses are needed as a fundamental legal requirement in operating any type of businesses, construction, and other functions that require public services. Since it’s essential in most government dealings, how will you get a Barangay Clearance, also known as Barangay Permit, in the Philippines in 2024?

What is a Barangay Clearance?

Since the barangay forms the most basic level of community in The Philippines, approval from its community leaders is essential for a smooth and legal process of integrating into the community.

Barangay clearance, also known as barangay permit, is the most basic and required document you can obtain to ensure that what you do does not break any law and legally follows the community standard. Moreover, you can also use Barangay clearance to get legal records and to avail yourself of numerous government services such as scholarships.

That said, most barangays also have an even smaller community consisting of zones and private subdivisions. Community leaders are in charge of facilitating the areas under their responsibility, so zone clearance is also required to obtain your barangay permit.

Why is a Zone Clearance Needed?

As previously said, Zone leaders and Home Owners representatives manage their locality for easier barangay management. Therefore, if you have no transgressions on their regulations, such as no pending payment for the Subdivision’s maintenance, you can request a Zone Clearance.

Where can we use a Barangay Clearance?

Suppose you want to build a small business such as a sari-sari store. In that case, barangay permits are also needed to ensure that you pay proper taxes and observe the appropriate business standards. In addition, you also need a barangay permit to obtain your business permit, which you can get at the city hall.

Barangay Clearances are viable documents that can be used as proof of residency. Since the barangay can act as an intermediary for simple domestic conflicts, a barangay clearance works as a certificate of good moral character, making it also necessary for obtaining police clearance.

Step-by-Step: How to get a Barangay Clearance

The requirements for a Barangay Clearance are not complicated. Moreover, these requirements are needed as proof of identity and residence. The following is what most barangays will require for obtaining a permit/clearance.

  1. Valid ID (Latest)
  2. Zone Clearance 
  3. Barangay Clearance Fee – 100 PHP (This varies on each barangay, some don’t charge a fee)
  4. Community Tax Certificate or CEDULA
  5. Completed Application Form

Remember to keep in mind the government’s working days and hours. Most public offices are open weekly from 8 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday).  

You can obtain a Barangay Clearance in your barangay hall. The barangay hall is usually located near the barangay plaza, so you can start looking there. Once you arrive at the barangay hall, look for the barangay secretary and inform her that you wish to obtain a barangay permit.

The secretary will then give you the application form to verify your records. Once the secretary checks if your name is “clean,” they will provide you with an incomplete barangay clearance which will require your signature and the barangay dry seal. The barangay captain or their representative are the only ones that can give the dry seal.

Barangay Business Permit for my Small Business

Barangay Clearance and Barangay Business Permit are two different things. A Barangay Business permit is necessary to operate your business. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Community Tax Certificate or CEDULA (Latest)
  2. DTI Business Name Registration 
  3. Barangay Business Permit Fee 

After obtaining these requirements, you can proceed to the barangay hall and look for the secretary. They will then document your records and require filling out an application form. Once you are done, the barangay captain or their representative will give the dry seal, which proves that your application was approved.

The barangay will then give you a certificate that proves you are now able to conduct business legally in the area. 

Note that barangay business permits’ appearance might vary from each barangay and will have their designs and colors. However, the contents will remain the same and still prove the legality of your business. The following information will appear in all business permits issued by the barangay despite the difference in appearance:

  • Official seal of the barangay
  • Business owner
  • Business name
  • Address of the business owner
  • Location of the business
  • Certification details according to the New Local Government Code of 1991
  • Date of issuance

Final Tips

Before submitting your application form, double-check the information you have filled in to avoid confusion and errors on the certificate. You should also check the certificate before you leave the office to make sure that there are no errors on the part of the barangay.

In addition, most barangays will only issue you permits once you have stayed in the area for at least 6 months. Your certificates are valid only for 1 year, and you have to renew your barangay business permit every year to avoid legal action. – WhatALife!

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