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How to apply for the PMMA entrance exam?

How to apply for the PMMA entrance exam

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The Philippine Marine Merchant Academy is a long-standing school for developing excellent mariners. Established in 1820 as the Escuela Nautica de Manila, the prestigious school celebrated 200 years of tradition and excellence last 2020. Being one of the best schools for maritime work, how will you apply for the PMMA entrance exam?

What is the PMMA entrance exam?

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Like every other school, the PMMA filters out its applicants with an entrance exam. Therefore, only the worthy can enter and only the best come out. With that said, the guidelines for the entrance exam will be listed here:

> The Academy’s entrance exam is conducted annually on the final Saturday of September at select testing centers across the country.

> The exam questions are of the objective kind and cover the fundamental knowledge areas for high school graduates, including:

  • English (Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Analogy)
  • Mathematics (Statistics and Trigonometry, Algebra, Geometry)
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, General Science)
  • Abstract Reasoning

The Admissions Office will issue a permit to take the examination for every applicant whose requirements have been accepted. The office will give the test permits to the applicant’s email address.

Applicants must take note of the following:

  • A Laptop or Personal Computer with a stable internet connection 
  • Be online at least one hour before your scheduled time.
  • Cheating is a ground for disqualification
  • No calculators allowed
  • Wearing casual clothes is a must.

Two (2) months after the examination, the exam results will be published on the PMMA website (PMMA Entrance Examination). In addition, the examinees will receive their test results by email in the same month.

When is the schedule for the PMMA entrance exam?

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If no sudden events affect the exam, the scheduled PMMA entrance examination will be on the 24 of September, the last Saturday of the month for this year. 

What are the requirements for PMMA?

Enrolling for PMMA also has some physical requirements. The nature of the profession necessitated the implementation of these limits, needing these specific criteria. Failure is imminent if these criteria are not met, even without taking the examination first.

These are the basic requirements for entering the PMMA:

  • Male or female; A natural-born Filipino citizen and physically fit.
  • Never married and has never had any orphaned children; Single at the time of admission.
  • Not convicted and free from being accused of any crime against the law and the state;
  • The enrollment age on the 1st of August must be at least 17 years old and no older than 23 years old.;
  • Must be 17 years old and no more than 23 years old.;
  • Grade 12 or College level
  • At least 5 ft. & 3 in. (160 centimeters) for males and 5 ft. & 1 in. (155 centimeters) for females;
  • BMI of less than 25;
  • Good academic performance;
  • Has never been enrolled in PMMA

How to apply for the PMMA entrance exam?


> Any false information is grounds for disqualification. Only genuine and correct entries are accepted

> The Admission Office will not process incomplete filing requirements.


  • Recent 2×2 coloured pictures with a name tag, front view; white background;
  • Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate (Baptismal and Hospital Birth Certificate not honored)
  • Applicants who are currently in Grade 12:
    • Certification from School Principal that applicant is currently enrolled as Grade 12
    • Photocopy of Grade 11 Report Card
  • Applicants who are Grade 12 Graduates and 1st-year College
    • Photocopy of Senior High School Diploma
    • Photocopy of Grade 12 Report Card
  • Applicants who are currently enrolled in College
    • Photocopy of Registration Form
    • Certified True Copy of Grades
  • Applicants who are College Graduate
    • Photocopy of College Diploma
    • Photocopy of Transcript of Records
  • To be submitted upon enrollment as Probationary Midshipmen-women
    • Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
    • NBI Clearance
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character from Barangay

What are the benefits of joining the PMMA?

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In addition, Rodriguez pledged to shoulder the roundtrip plane fare of successful applicants from CdeO and provide a yearly allowance of P10,000. 

No worries if you are not from CdeO since the government will shoulder the tuition fees. You can also travel the world for free even while being a cadet under training on some international seafaring vehicles.

Since the Philippine Government runs PMMA, positions in other government-run agencies such as the coast guard and the Philippine Navy are all but assured after graduation. Not only that, but PMMA has 100% employability with more than thirty (30) partner international and manning companies. Examples are Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Lines and  Shell Ship Management.

Grab your dreams of being a mariner at The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy and sail the seas with the honor of graduating from one of The Philippines’ best maritime schools today! – WhatALife!

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