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How to Get Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Online

How to Get Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Online

Here’s how you can get a BIR TIN ID online..

What is a TIN?

Any person, natural or legal, who is required to make, render, or file a return, statement, or other document under the authority of the Internal Revenue Code shall be provided with or assigned a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), which must be indicated in the return, statement, or document to be filed with the Bureau of Internal Revenue for his proper identification for tax purposes (Section 236 (i) of the Tax Code).

Below is a guide on how to get tin ID in the Philippines in 2022. 


BIR TIN ID Requirements

  • BIR Form No. 1901 version 2018 (Application for Registration for Self-Employed and Mixed Income Individuals, Non-Resident Alien Engaged in Trade/Business, Estates/Trusts);
  • Any identification issued by an authorized government body (e.g. Birth Certificate, passport, driver’s license, Community Tax Certificate) that shows the name, address and birthdate of the applicant;
  • BIR Printed Receipts/Invoices or Final & clear sample of Principal Receipts/ Invoices;

Other TIN ID Requirements to be submitted (if necessary):

  • Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and ID of authorized person, in case of authorized representative who will transact with the Bureau;
  • DTI Certificate (if with business name);
  • Franchise Documents (e.g. Certificate of Public Convenience) (for Common Carrier);
  • Photocopy of the Trust Agreement (for Trusts);
  • Photocopy of the Death Certificate of the deceased (for Estate under judicial settlement);
  • Certificate of Authority, if Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBE) registered entity;
  • Proof of Registration/Permit to Operate BOI/BOI-ARMM, PEZA, BCDA and SBMA

Steps  on how to get TIN ID in 2022

  1. Accomplish BIR Form 1901 version 2018 and submit the same together with the documentary requirements with the New Business Registrant Counter of the RDO having jurisdiction over the place where the head office and branch, respectively.
  2. Pay the Annual Registration Fee (P500.00), loose DST (P30.00) and/or payment for the BIR Printed Receipt/Invoice (if taxpayer opted to buy for use) at the New Business Registrant Counter in the BIR Office.
  3. The RDO shall then issue the Certificate of Registration (Form 2303) together with the “Notice to Issue Receipt/Invoice”, Authority to Print, BIR Printed Receipts/Invoices (if applicable) and eReceipt as proof of payment.

Note: Taxpayers are encouraged to attend the RDO’s scheduled introductory seminar for new business registrants. This will inform them of their rights and responsibilities.

Individual business taxpayers may also submit their applications via email through the BIR New Business Registration (NewBizReg) Portal.


Individuals engaged in trade or business must complete and file the application on or before the start of their business. The start of business begins at the first sale transaction or within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the issuance of the Mayor’s Permit/Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) by the LGU, whichever comes first.

National Internal Revenue Code of 1997

National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, as amended, make obtaining more than one TIN a criminal offense. Anyone who utilizes this facility for anything other than what it was designed for will be investigated and dealt with appropriately.

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