How to get a Solo Parent ID in Caloocan City?

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On June 4, 2022, the Expanded Solo Parent Welfare Act (Republic Act No. 11861), which grants additional benefits to single parents, was granted. Find out more about the Solo Parent Welfare Act below and how to get your Solo Parent ID in Caloocan City. 

How can a sole parent apply for an ID in Caloocan City?

A parent must be registered as a “solo” parent and possess a Solo Parent Identification Card in order to be eligible for the benefits of the Solo Parents Welfare Act and the Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act (SPIC).

Here are the documentary requirements for requesting a sole parent ID if you are a single parent living in Caloocan City

1: Prepare the Solo Parent I.D Requirements

New Applicant

  • Completely filled up application form
  • One (1) 1×1 picture of applicant for I.D.
  • One (1) 2×2 picture of applicant for CSWD file
  • Birth Certificate of child/children (Photocopy)
  • Barangay Certification of Solo Parent (from Barangay)


  • New Barangay Certification
  • One (1) 1×1 I.D. picture
  • Zeroxed of old Solo Parents I.D.


  • New Barangay Certification
  • One (1) 1×1 I.D. picture
  • Affidavit of loss
CircumstanceRequired Attachments
Widow/WidowerDeath Certificate
Guardian/FosterCourt Order
Wife/Husband in jailJail Records/Certificate of Detention
UnwedUn-acknowledged Birth Certificate
AnnulledAnnulment Papers
SeparatedBrgy. Blotter
AbandonedVAWC Report
Children above 18 yrs. oldLatest School Records

2: Fill out the application form for solo parent. 

3: Visit the Caloocan City Social Welfare Department and pass all the required documents.

4: Wait for the local social worker to finish assessment and evaluation (you may also be asked for an interview).

5: Receive a text/call/email from your local social welfare department to get your Solo Parent ID.

Please note that representatives are not allowed in filling the solo parent application form.

Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act

The Solo Parent’s Welfare Act was originally approved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippine Congress. It was signed into law on November 7, 2000, and it went into effect on November 28, 2000. 

Meanwhile, the Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act is a recent law passed during the late term of former president Rodrigo Duterte. As per the title, it is an updated version of the previous law approved in 2000. It adds new benefits to solo parents and more.

Who is considered a Solo Parent?

A person is regarded as Solo Parent if they raise their children by themselves because their spouse has passed away, is mentally or physically incapable of doing so, has split from them officially for at least six months, or has abandoned them for at least six months. 

Grandparents, relatives, or qualified guardians who have sole custody of their child are also included in the category of “solo parents” under the new law. Spouses of any other family members of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who fall into the low/semi-skilled category and are absent from the Philippines for an uninterrupted period of 12 months are also included in the amendment. 

What benefits does the Expanded Solo Parent Welfare Act offer?

  • A single parent is now entitled to a seven-day paid leave if they worked for at least six months, as opposed to the previous longer one-year provision. In a scheme for telecommuting, sole parents will also be given a priority.
  • Sole parents who make the minimum wage or less are eligible for a Php 1,000 cash assistance each month under this new law.
  • Until the child is six-years-old, a sole parent making less than Php 250,000 will also be entitled to a 10 percent discount on baby supplies like milk, diapers, immunizations, and medicine as well as a value-added tax exemption.  
  • Together with other benefits, senior adults and people with disabilities (PWD) who are single parents are also eligible for the discounts.
  • Each year, sole parents with jobs in the public or private sectors are entitled to a seven-day paid parental leave. 
  • Along with automatic registration in the National Health Insurance Program, which would be administered by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation with premium contributions to be made by the national government, it also supports scholarship programs for sole parents and a full-school scholarship for one child of a single parent in institutions of basic, higher, and technical vocational skills education.
  • The Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary is enforced by RA 11861 to establish a “comprehensive array” of social protection and security for sole parents and their families, regardless of their financial situation, that includes possibilities for employment, legal assistance, and guidance counseling services, parent effectiveness initiatives, and stress debriefing among others. . 

Note: Children must be under the age of 18.

Financial aid from the government and private organizations can be helpful, and having a Solo Parent ID can also come in handy. Visit to learn more about the Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act. – WhatALife!/Brix

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