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How to get a Solo Parent ID in Pasig?

Solo parent id pasig

A Solo Parent ID provides privileges and discounts to single parents anytime and anywhere. If you are a single parent living in Pasig, continue reading this article to know more.

Steps to get a Solo Parent ID in Pasig

To get a Pasig solo parent ID, you must first list yourself as qualified to receive the benefits and privileges of being a solitary parent in the Philippines. The following are the steps you should take:

  1. Gather the required documents for solo parents.
  2. Fill out the application form for a sole parent ID.
  3. Submit your documents to the DSWD Office in Pasig.
  4. Pay the required fees.
  5. You must wait 30 days for your assessment and evaluation.
  6. Get your Solo Parent ID from the DSWD.

Solo Parent ID Requirements

To apply for a Single Parent ID, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Affidavit of Being Solo Parent
  • Birth Certificate of child/children
  • Certificate of employment with compensation
  • Barangay Certificate 
  • Voter’s ID Comelec Registration
  • Community Tax Certificate 
  • Marriage Certificate (for married)
  • Death Certificate (for widow) 
  • Court Order/Police Records (for annulled marriage and legally separated)
  • Psychological report (for applicants whose spouse is psychological incapacitated) 
  • Request a Letter from the embassy (for international travel purposes)
  • Certificate of Detention (for spouse detained in jail)
  • Certificate of Foster Parent (for foster parent applicants)
  • Fill up Solo Parent Application Form 

Solo Parent ID Renewal

Because the Solo Parent ID is only valid for one year, you must renew it at the DSWD office in your municipality or LGU office. You must bring the following documents:

  • Fill up Solo Parent Application Form
  • Expired OLD Solo Parent Identification Card
  • Community Tax Certificate 
  • Barangay Certificate 
  • Certificate of Employment with Compensation

Solo Parent ID Benefits

The law provides significant benefits to single parents around the country. With that, here are the benefits that grant the sole parent in the Philippines:

  1. A flexible work schedule allows you to request an earlier or later time-in and time-out to accommodate your needs as a single parent. It will not affect core work hours or individual or corporate productivity.
  2. As a single parent, you are entitled to an additional seven (7) days of paid leave every year. It assumes you have been with your employer for at least a year and given at least a week’s notice. The leaves are not cumulative and cannot convert into cash.
  3. There is a solo parent protection against workplace discrimination. In that case, no employer shall discriminate against a single-parent employee in terms and conditions of employment because of their situation.
  4. Suppose a parent falls below the poverty line and is determined eligible by a DSWD worker. In that case, the parent qualifies for the comprehensive help package for educational, housing, and medical benefits and assistance from the Department of Health, Commission on Higher Education, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, and National Housing Authority.
  5. A monthly cash subsidy of P1,000 is available for single parents earning the minimum wage.
  6. There is a 10% discount on some medicines and food supplements purchased by low-income single parents with children aged six and below.

Solo Parent ID exists to help every solo parent in their everyday struggle. So if you’d like to apply now, start by contacting Pasig City’s Social Welfare Department on Facebook for assistance. You can also visit officialgazette.gov.ph to learn more about it. – WhatALife!/Axel

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