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SAFEOrmoc V2: Step-by-step guide to Ormoc City QR Code registration


Find out how to register on Safe Ormoc QR code below…

Ormoc City has officially launched its quick response (QR) Code system, requiring all public and private establishments to register and have a QR Code scanner. With this, the local government and its city health can monitor individuals’ movement within the city. 

The city has adopted a local ordinance known as the Ormoc city QR Contact Tracing Ordinance to ensure the adoption of the QR code system for contact tracing during a public health emergency. SafeOrmoc QR Code is also mandatory for residents in the city and non-residents visiting/travelling within the city’s jurisdiction.

How to register to Safe Ormoc City QR Code

Follow these simple steps below.

Step 1. Go to safeormoc.com on your browser (e.g. Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, etc.) to start your registration;

Step 2. Click the ‘Register‘ button to fill out the registration form. Make sure to provide the correct information and verify it for errors;

Step 3. Read the Privacy Policy before ticking the check box, then proceed by clicking the ‘Register’ button;

Step 4. Once done, you will receive your QR Code. Make sure to SAVE it through screenshot or download. Pro Tip: Print your QR code and laminate it to protect it from getting damaged and for ease of use.

For inquiries and updates, reach the SafeOrmoc team via Facebook at Facebook.com/safeormocv2

See below for the Non-Ormoc Residents Isolation Guidelines

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