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GUIDE: SSS Retirement Requirements

guide sss retirement requirements

When retiring from your lifetime job, it becomes crucial to prepare for the financial security that will sustain you after leaving the workforce. The Social Security System (SSS) retirement plan necessitates the completion of specific requirements so that you can retire peacefully and without worry.

Effectively planning for your retirement is an essential aspect for your financial future. The SSS extends retirement benefits to individuals who have diligently contributed to the SSS system. Understanding these requirements is vital, as it ensures eligibility for receiving these benefits.

The SSS retirement program serves as a safety net, providing financial assistance to the members once they have reached a certain age while also having met the requisite contribution. This article serves as a comprehensive guide outlining the SSS retirement requirements. 

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How to Get an SSS Number Online?

Step 1. Visit the SSS website. Click the icon: NO SS NUMBER YET? APPLY ONLINE!

Step 2.  Once you click to apply, the next page will show a step-by-step guide on the application. 

  • Accomplish all fields of the online form correctly and submit.
  • Click the link sent to your email to continue with your application.
    Note: The link expires in 5 working days and once it expires, you need to repeat the registration process.
  • Gather all the required information.
  • Click the “Generate SS Number” button to view your SS number and to print the form, SS Number Slip and Transaction Number Slip. You will also receive the PDF copies of the documents through your email.
  • Check your email for your My.SSS account activation link and the List of Required Supporting Documents for your SS Number.
  • Present the transaction number slip and supporting documents to the E-Center personnel of the SSS Branch.
  • Proceed to UMID Card Enrollment upon the instruction of the E-Center personnel.

Step 3.  After clicking the link, gather all required information from Basic information to Beneficiaries Information correctly. 

Step 4. Before the generation of the SS number, make sure the digitally filled registration form has the correct information.

Step 5. Click “Generate SS Number” and wait for the system to display the number and an option to print the ePersonal Record Form and SS Number Slip. The person registering will receive an email confirmation regarding the generated SS Number, a copy of SS Number Slip, and more instructions on completing the application. 

Step 6. Print the ePersonal Record Form, SS Number Slip, and the SS number Application Confirmation email sent to you.

Step 7. Go to your nearest SSS branch and submit the records together with required documents.

  • If you are married, bring your marriage contract or certificate
  • If you are with children, bring their Birth Certificate
  • For non-working spouse, the working spouse must sign before their name on ePersonal Record Form


The membership of the person registering in SSS will remain “Temporary” until further needed documents have been submitted to the SSS branch. Upon submitting all requirements, the status of the member will go from “Temporary” to “Permanent.” 

What are the Qualifying Conditions for an SSS Retirement Benefit?

To qualify for a retirement benefit, the member must have the following:

  • Members must have paid at least 120 monthly contributions before the time of retirement.
  • Members must be the following
    • At least 60 years old and separated from employment or ceased to be an SE/OFW/Household helper
    • At least 65 years old whether still employed or self-employed, working as OFW or household helped
    • At least 55 years old and separated from employment or ceased to be self-employed, if the member is an “underground mine worker”
    • At least 60 years old whether still employed, self-employed, or not, if an “underground mine worker”
    • A disability pensioner who recovered from their disability at least 60 years of age (55 if the member is an underground mine worker)
  • A former retiree whose monthly pension has been suspended due to having a job again and is now separated from employment or no longer a self-employed worker.
  • A member is 60 years old and above, but not 65 as of yet, with 120 contributions or can continue to pay until 65 years old can avail a higher benefit.

Members also must have registered an account in the My.SSS website.

Members must have an account enrolled in the Bank Enrollment Module of My.SSS like:

  • UBP Quick Card
  • Any PESONet-accredited bank

When the member is filling in for a monthly pension, they must have at least 120 monthly contributions before the time of retirement.

When a member is filing for a lump sum benefit, they need at least one monthly contribution.

Members also should not have any canceled or multiple SS numbers.

They should also not have any outstanding loan balance under:

  • Stock Investment Loan Program
  • Privatization Fund Loan Program
  • Educational Loan Program
  • Vocational Technology Loan Program

How to File a Retirement Claim Application Online?

This is a specific step-by-step guide for retirement application

  1. Members must have a registered account on My.SSS portal.
  2. Members must have a UMID card enrolled as an ATM or approved disbursement account in the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module.

Step 1. Log in to My.SSS member account via SSS website.

Step 2.  Click Submit Retirement Application under E-services tab.

For employee-member, date of separation will be required. For self-employed members, date of cessation of business or self-employment is required. 

Step 3. Review the address, contact details, and employment history and make sure all details are correct.

Step 4. Answer the given questions regarding employment as mineworker and racehorse jockey as well as dependent children.

Step 5. If you have been qualified, proceeds will be deposited to your UMID-ATM or to your preferred Disbursement Account Enrollment Module.

Step 6. Select the option that you wish to avail an advance 18 month retirement pension. 

Step 7. Read the online certification with undertaking carefully and click the “Certify and Submit” box to proceed.

Step 8.  Keep in mind the transaction number then you may check your email and push notification inbox in your My.SSS account for a message from SSS relating to your RCA.

With this step-by-step guide you will be able to receive your retirement benefits with SSS. Not only will you secure your well-deserved retirement benefits, but you’ll also take a significant step towards ensuring a financially stable future for yourself. 

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