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GUIDE: QC E-Services Registration Process

guide qc e services registration process

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The city of Quezon originally began the operations of their QC e-services in 2021 to make transactions only limited to the city hall more accessible to their constituents. These kiosks include the application for the following services: QCitizen ID, QC Vax Easy, Occupational Permit, Health and Sanitary Permit, Pangkabuhayang QC and Kalingang QC (for businesses), Real Estate Property Tax payment, and Persons with Disability Affairs Office ID and Office of Senior Citizens Affairs ID. In this article, you will learn the whole process of registering e-services.

Bringing Government Services Closer to the People

The QC e-services kiosks are located all over the city. These kiosks can be found in the District Action Offices, mall business centers, and barangays. Quezon City’s mayor Joy Belmonte, with Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) Director-General Attorney Jeremiah Belgica, and QC Business Permits and Licensing Department head Margarita Santos, led the release of the kiosks to the public.

Mayor Belmonte stated, “Here in Quezon City, we want to bring our services close to the people so they don’t have to come to city hall to do their transactions, they can just do them online or through our kiosks. We value their business, and we value their time.”

QC E-Services Registration

To utilize the kiosks’ services across the city, citizens must first register on the QC portal for e-services. Here are the necessary steps to complete:

Click on ‘Register Here’

The first step to creating an account is clicking on the portal to create an account.

qc e services login

Fill Out Necessary Information

The next step requires all registrants to fill out the necessary fields and ensure that these are all correct and true. Once done, click on register to complete the application.

qc e services login
qc e services login 2
qc health certificate online application

Confirm Your E-Services Account

Once done clicking on ‘register,’ applicants will receive an email confirming their registration. This email contains confirmation and verification of information. For the final step, individuals must activate their accounts by clicking the provided link.


Benefits of QC E-Services

This effort by the local government of Quezon City aims to streamline multiple transactions. These streamlined transactions include the payment of business tax assessment and business permit renewal. Moreover, since this effort was started at the height of the pandemic, face-to-face interaction could have been improved.

The city’s Mayor Joy Belmonte shared that these self-service kiosks have successfully cut the filing of business permits processing times to just two minutes. “Mas madali na ngayon para sa taxpayers natin ang pagkuha ng kanilang permit. Hindi na kailangan dumaan sa fixer o humanap pa ng kakilala sa loob para mapabilis ang proseso. Mabilis at patas na ang proseso para sa lahat.” the mayor stated.

Margarita Santos, QC’s head of the Business Permits and Licensing Department (BPLD), shared that some of the kiosks can be found inside the City Treasurer’s Office (CTO). They’re accessible to taxpayers to view their accounts after their payments. “From there, they can either scan the QR Code found in their permit or manually input their Mayor’s Permit number. They will then receive a digital copy of their business permit through the email address they used to register into the system. Overall, this process takes only about two minutes.”

To add to the new system’s convenience, since taxpayers only receive a digital copy of their latest registration, the city’s Automatic Document Delivery System (ADDS) will deliver the physical copy to the specified address on the registration.

The Influence of Business on the New System

Numerous services offered by these kiosks cater to the city’s business sector. QC Mayor Joy Belmonte shared, “We are returning the favor to our business owners, who are among the primary drivers of our growth. By delivering efficient systems and services, the city government can help them save time and focus more on growing their business.”


The QC e-services are a convenient way for citizens to complete their necessary documents previously only available in the city hall. Individuals are used to waiting longer and falling in extensive lines to acquire these official documents, so these kiosks have addressed efficiency and accessibility issues. In addition, the official records are now more convenient for constituents to acquire through the local government’s efforts. With these electronic processes, the lives of people living in Quezon City are much better than in previous years.

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