Home Guide: Pasig City Business Permit Renewal in 2024 (Process and Requirements)

Guide: Pasig City Business Permit Renewal in 2024 (Process and Requirements)

guide pasig city business permit renewal in 2024 process and requirements

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Pasig City holds the distinction of being one of the oldest towns in the Philippines. While it may be old, the city is no stranger to doing commercial and economic businesses. In fact, it has areas that are home to several multinational corporations and businesses, making these establishments all the more needed for official documents such as permits.  In this guide, you will understand the Pasig City Business Permit renewal process, requirements, and step-by-step procedure for you to do the renewal procedure successfully and in a timely manner.

An Overview of Doing Business Within Pasig City

For numerous reasons, Pasig City is ideal for new and long-time businesses. The city is deemed a thriving business hub due to its strategic location and conducive environment. It is accessible to a wide range of consumers and businesses and is situated along major transportation routes and systems.

Business Permit Renewal Requirements and Associated Fees

The LGU provides several requirements for renewing an existing permit before its due date. Also, these are designed to be valid for a year and should be renewed to adhere to the latest regulations and guidelines.

Here is a list of needed requirements for renewing a business permit in Pasig City:

  • Prior year’s quarterly/monthly Value Added Tax or Quarterly Percentage Tax returns
  • Tax Order Payment from the previous year
  • Latest Income Tax Return or Audited Financial Statement
  • Authorization Letter w/ Government-issued ID
  • Valid Fire Safety Inspection Certificate
  • Valid City Environmental & Natural Resources Office
  • Valid Sanitary Permit
  • Copy of Application Form and Photocopy of current Tax Order of Payment and its official receipt

After meeting all the requirements, ensure that you promptly pay the necessary Annual Registration Fee of Php 500 to facilitate the renewal of your BIR registration. In addition, there may be other additional fees and requirements depending on your LGU, including the mayor’s permit fee, sanitary inspection fee, and zoning fee.

Step-by-Step Application Process

Here are the steps for renewing your Business Permit:

  1. Download and fill out the Unified Application Form.
  1. Log into the Pasig City website and file your application with complete documents to the proper BPLD unit.
  1. Receive TOP and log out at the same BPLD window.
  1. Wait for further confirmation that the renewal process is complete.
  1. For the onsight process, you need to go to the cashier to pay the associated fees.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Pasig City Business Permit Renewal process and other related concerns.

What is needed for a business permit?

The needed requirements can vary depending on the LGU. To get a complete list of required documents, visit your LGU and inquire about the details.

How much is a barangay permit for a small business?

The Business Renewal Fee is has an estimate cost of Php 500 for all businesses. The fees can change or vary depending on the local barangay office.

How do I register my business permit online?

Registering for a business permit can be done by visiting bnrs.dti.gov.ph. There is also a step-by-step registration guide available at https://bnrs.dti.gov.ph/resources/registration-guide

Do you need barangay clearance for a business permit?

You need a barangay clearance when you decide to apply or renew your business permits. 

Undoubtedly, the business permit in Pasig City emphasizes the relevancy of being eligible for commercial operations. Thus, official government documentation like permits shows your business’s commitment to up-to-date regulations and requirements. For further inquiries, feel free to visit https://pasigcity.gov.ph/ 

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