Home GUIDE: Palawan Travel Requirements in 2023 You Need to Know About

GUIDE: Palawan Travel Requirements in 2023 You Need to Know About

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Even if it has already been a significant amount of time since the pandemic has passed, local government units are still cautious when it comes to traveling to Palawan. The area has always been a tourist destination, boasting vast natural features. If you’re planning to travel to Palawan, this article discusses Palawan’s travel requirements in 2023 and how the pandemic affected domestic travel.

During the pandemic, the Philippines had strict lockdown restrictions enforced. Almost no one was permitted to travel or leave their homes unless it was deemed essential. For a significant amount of time local government units (LGUs) had extensive requirements for individuals to visit their area. It was not uncommon for LGUs to require travelers to present their COVID vaccination cards and ask for health declaration forms.

However, Palawan travel pass requirements have now eased and no longer require individuals traveling to Palawan to present their vaccination card or declare their health status. In the past year, Palawan used to require tourists to present their vaccination card or certificates or a negative RT-PCR test results within forty-eight hours before traveling to the destination.

Preparing for Your Palawan Adventure

Before every trip, it is essential to know about the location you are traveling to. Research and planning are ideal for every trip. Travel regulations continue to evolve throughout the years and it is vital for tourists to be aware of these regulations before finalizing all plans. There are no longer Palawan travel pass requirements in 2023, however tourists still should be mindful of the following:

Essential Travel Requirements

Although Palawan travel requirements in 2023 have been minimized since the pandemic, there are still specific requirements tourists must meet, especially foreign tourists. There are still necessary permits to provide like an eTravel code for foreigners. Moreover, it is also important to finalize all bookings and accommodations before the final travel to ensure that everything is seamless upon arrival at the destination.

Transportation Guidelines

Tourists can reach Palawan by either plane or boat. Tourists usually land in Puerto Princesa International Airport and travel by land or sea to reach their specific Palawan destination. Tourists do not need to worry about finding transportation from the airport to their accommodation since the airport is filled with vast options for transpo. From tricycles to car rental agencies. Remember to present your necessary documents for Palawan travel pass requirements when arriving.

On the other hand, for tourists arriving via sea, the major entry port of the island is still the Port of Puerto Princesa. The city specifically is the center of the long Philippine island, making it an ideal hub for transportation.

Local Guidelines and Protocols

In 2022, Palawan destinations required tourists to present the following to continue their travels:

  • Valid ID
  • S-PASS
  • StaySafe QR code

However, these documents are no longer Palawan travel pass requirements in 2023. Ever since the pandemic has eased, travel restrictions have as well as the country transitions into the traditional norms before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Respecting Palawan’s Nature & Culture

The island boasts beautiful scenery with extensive natural beauty to offer locals and visitors. Filipinos, in general, are very hospitable and friendly people. It is important to display proper etiquette when visiting other places and to research about their culture before visiting. In addition to being very hospitable people, a thank you goes a long way in Filipino culture. If you are a foreigner visiting Palawan, it would mean a lot to locals if you extend thanks by simply saying “salamat.”


Palawan travel requirements in 2023 have significantly been more lenient than the previous years. The pandemic has heavily affected Philippine tourism and limited previous tourism operations to become cautious about the deadly virus circulating. It is important to reiterate that these travel guidelines may change due to unforeseen circumstances, which is why it is vital to stay updated with your destination’s protocols for a seamless travel experience.

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