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Finding the Best Car Insurance in the Philippines

finding the best car insurance in the philippines

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Having a car insurance policy is significant when it comes to covering any expenses onto matters on your vehicle. With the increase of vehicle ownership and public transportation, vehicle owners should be cautious and wary of anything that may happen on the road. Having insurance is, one way or another, crucial for lost and damaged vehicle matters.

What are Car Insurance Policies and How Do They Work?

Car insurance policies are agreements made between car owners and insurance companies. The documents under the policies provide financial protection to owners in the event of vehicle-related accidents, damages, or theft. The insurance policy also serves as a means in lightening the financial burden such as expenses or charges from aforementioned events.

Like many insurances, car insurance comes with varying premiums. The premiums base their amount by several factors ranging from the car owner’s age, insured vehicle type, and the selected coverage option. They are renewable in each year and premiums are adjustable depending on the changes within the risk or other external factors.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Car Insurance Company

Looking for a car insurance company in the Philippines depends on relying on a number of specific factors. This ensures an optimized protection towards vehicle financial matters. For car owners, it is important to look into the following key suggestions within any car insurance company:

Premium Coverage and Cost Options

Look for a car insurance company that offers varying types of coverages that meets unique needs. Preferred coverages should cater towards liability, collision, underinsured motorists, and additional coverages on the specific event. Compare each premium and coverage offered from different companies in order to settle with the most preferred rate.

Financial Stability

Thoroughly verify the financial ratings and stability of each insurance company before making a decision. Opt for the car insurance provider that is most likely to fulfill obligations and meet requirements in the event of a claim.

Customer Services

Car owners should take into account the insurance company’s reputation for customer service. Customer service is a key factor in clarifying, understanding, and gaining inquiries and support regarding all insurance-related matters. Delve into customer reviews and testimonials to gain insight into their responsiveness and support.

Coverage Limits and Deductibles

Car owners should read and understand the coverage limits offered by their preferred insurance plan. Upon purchasing a policy, car owners should be aware of what are their policy’s limits and the deductibles that are associated upon taking the claim.

Policy Flexibility

Car owners should also double check if their chosen insurance company offers customizable policies that may fit specific needs. Numerous car insurance companies in the Philippines provide car owners with the liberties in adjusting coverage limits and tailored preferences. 

List of Available and Affordable Car Insurance Policies

Researching for a legitimate car insurance company in the Philippines requires careful assessment, numerous background checks, and proper inquiries. There are a number of available insurance companies that come with numerous financial providers. Here are some of the available online car insurance provider:

Prudential Guarantee & Assurance, Inc.

Website: https://www.prudentialguarantee.com/products/auto-insurance-program/ 

Prudent Guarantee & Assurance, Inc. offers a number of insurance policies for a number of cases and events. Their auto insurance comes with comprehensive benefits that minimize car owner worries and simplify their worries towards unexpected events within the road. Their insurance is exclusive for all privately-used vehicles.

Pioneer Insurance & Surety Corporation

Website: https://www.pioneer.com.ph/products/motor 

Pioneer Insurance provides protection towards car owners and motorcycle owners alike against loss and damages in the event of an accident. Their Insurance coverage is quick to understand and caters to a wider range of vehicle owners with simple requirements to be met.

Malayan Insurance Company, Inc.

Website: https://malayan.com/products/assets-and-property/automaster 

Malayan Insurance provides a range of benefits that safeguards car owners with any car-related expenses, whether it is damages or lost. With Malayan Insurance, car owners can defend themselves by covering accidents and medical coverages. Malayan also comes with a 24/7 Roadside Assistance services.

BPI/MS lnsurance Corporation

Website: https://bpims.com/ 

BPI/MS Insurance Corporation is a sub branch of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). This corporation specializes in providing underwritings for accidents and health insurances. Additional services they provide includes: voluntary 3rd party liability-bodily injury, malicious damage, accidental collision, and theft.

Commonwealth Insurance Company

Website: https://cic.com.ph/motor-car-insurance/ 

Commonwealth Insurance Company was founded in 1935 by the same man who founded San Miguel Brewery. Their motor car insurance is designed to cover loss, damages, and legal monetary liabilities that came from vehicle matters.  The insurance also provides financial protection against: acts of nature, bodily injury, property damages, and third party liability. 


There are a number of car insurance companies that offer unique coverage and benefits towards car owners. Looking for the cheapest car insurance in the Philippines relies on numerous factors. Car insurance companies provide affordable policies depending on the insured vehicle types and unique preferences. 

By following the recommended factors, you can navigate through your options easily and select the right car insurance policy for any unforeseen events.

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