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GUIDE: How to Get a GoTyme Card

guide how to get a gotyme card

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In today’s digital age, managing your finances has never been easier. Digital channels offer safe and convenient ways to handle almost everything, including banking. If you’re wondering how to get a GoTyme card, we’re here to help. GoTyme is a new digital bank that aims to unlock your financial potential through speedy services you can access with ease.

What’s GoTyme?

GoTyme Bank is a partnership between the Gokongwei Group in the Philippines and Tyme, South Africa’s first-ever digital bank. GoTyme is a digital bank with a corresponding app where you can save, shop, and invest. Everything starts online, but it also comes with a physical card you can use to transact in the real world. Registering for the app technically means opening up a legitimate bank account.

How to Make a GoTyme Account

  1. Download the App: Available for free on iOS and Android.
  2. Enter Your Details: Fill in your full name, date of birth, residence, and nature of work.
  3. Verify Your ID: Use the app to scan your valid ID.
  4. Face Scan: The app will scan your face to match it with your ID.
  5. Digital Card: Access your digital card immediately.
  6. Print Physical Card: Visit a GoTyme kiosk to print your card.

Where Can I Get My GoTyme Card?

App or Kiosk Account Opening

You can get your GoTyme card by either downloading the GoTyme Bank app or visiting one of the kiosks. Here’s how:

  • App: Download the GoTyme Bank app on your smartphone, register, and then visit a kiosk to collect your physical debit card.
  • Kiosk: Visit a GoTyme kiosk and open an account directly there. You’ll receive your free ATM debit card in under five minutes.

Is the GoTyme Card Free?

Yes, opening a GoTyme Bank account and getting a physical Visa Debit ATM card are completely free! Some transactions may come with a fee, but these will always be displayed when you make a transaction in the GoTyme Bank app.

Is GoTyme a Debit Card?

Yes, GoTyme Bank offers a Visa debit card. You can open an account at a GoTyme kiosk and receive your card in minutes. The card comes with a chip, a strip, and is PayWave enabled, allowing for swipe or tap payments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can I Use My GoTyme Card?

You can use your GoTyme Visa debit card anywhere Visa is accepted, both online and in physical stores.

Where to get GoTyme Referral Code

Check the GoTyme app or website for details on referral codes, which may offer additional benefits.

What are the GoTyme Kiosk Locations

GoTyme kiosks are currently located in Robinsons establishments, with plans to have a total of 226 units deployed by the end of 2022 and approximately 700 kiosks by the end of 2023.

How to Print GoTyme Card

  1. Log In: Use your mobile number and PIN at a GoTyme kiosk.
  2. Print Card: Confirm your details and tap print. Your card will be ready in one minute.

Final Thoughts

Getting a GoTyme card is a straightforward and convenient process that caters to the modern needs of digital banking. Whether you choose to register through the app or at a kiosk, GoTyme ensures you can access a wide range of financial services with ease. Enjoy the benefits of a free debit card and seamless transactions wherever Visa is accepted. Start your journey with GoTyme today and experience the future of banking.

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