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Limketkai Center Launches Pet Posts

limketkai launches pet posts free water and food stations for pets

Cagayan de Oro City— Limketkai Center has introduced Pet Posts, a new initiative to cater to the needs of furry visitors, making it more pet-friendly than ever. Pets can now enjoy refreshing drinks and nutritious meals at various locations throughout the center. This is due to the installation of automatic dispensers provided by Boop and Maxime.

Pet Posts are dispensers placed around Limketkai Center, offering potable drinking water and high-quality dog food to ensure pets stay hydrated and well-fed during their visit. Pet owners and their four-legged friends can now find six convenient Pet Posts at the following locations:

  • North Concourse, Rosario Strip, near Figaro Coffee
  • North Concourse, in front of Gastro Food Park
  • Milestone Coffee, North Concourse
  • South Entrance
  • East Entrance
  • L2 East Concourse

This thoughtful addition aims to enhance the shopping experience for pet owners, ensuring that their pets are comfortable and cared for while they enjoy the amenities of Limketkai Center. 

With this initiative, Limketkai Center continues to demonstrate its commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all visitors, including our beloved pets.

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