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Google: Account Deletion for Non-Compliance with New Guidelines

google account deletion for non compliance with new guidelines

If you have not been using your Gmail account for a while, you might have to consider using it because Google will delete it for you.

Google started sending out warnings back in May that inactive accounts may get deleted, but they have once again sent out a batch of messages to millions of users warning them about account deletion when it is not being used. 

“We are updating the inactivity period for a Google Account to two years across all of our products and services.”

“This change starts rolling today and will apply to any Google Account that’s been inactive, meaning it has not been signed into or used within a two-year period. An inactive account and any content in it will be eligible for deletion from December 1, 2023,” the message states.

This warning may seem alarming to people who could lose their inactive email or photos in a certain email, but Google is taking good action on sending constant warnings to people.

As it states in the firm, “If your account is considered inactive, we will send several reminder emails to both you and your recovery emails (if you have been provided) before we take any action or delete any account content. These reminder emails will go out at the latest 8 months before any action is taken on your account.”

It is straightforward not to get your account deleted. Since all the users have to do is either log in to the email and read the email or use other Google services on the email, such as Google Drive, watch Youtube, share a photo, or search the web using the Google account. Simple and easy if you want your account to stay. 

Google does this to keep accounts secure, so others don’t use the inactive accounts. – WhatALife!/Zain

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