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BLACKPINK Exclusive Contract Soon to Expire

blackpink exclusive contract soon to expire

BLACKPINK, one of the most well-known K-pop idols in the industry, is about to have their contract expired in August.

Their milestones have made them one of the best girl groups of all time as well as proving it by winning several awards and going through world tours. 

Although the group is very successful, there is one concurrent issue that is making even their fans, the BLINKS, nervous. The group has not renewed their contract with YG Entertainment. It has also been announced that their contract was going to end in August, but they have not renewed their contract as of yet. 

As the expiration of the contract gets closer, there have been speculations about the members and YG Entertainment possibly not making a new contract making the fans even more anticipated on the situation.

There have also been rumors of BLACKPINK’s Lisa possibly leaving YG Entertainment. However, it is staying as a rumor since there have been no official statements from anyone. 

Although each member of the group has solo projects with a good amount of success, their contract renewal has been a big issue for people. Although BLACKPINK is the most successful group made by YG Entertainment, the label has not given any statements regarding the issue.

K-Media, a Korean source, has said that YG Entertainment knows that BLACKPINK’s success level is like no other K-pop group that they have produced, so they want to keep the group for a couple more years.

While the situation is making some fans nervous as they want BLACKPINK to continue working with YG Entertainment, some fans are wondering if the group may work under a different label. Fans do not know what to expect from this situation and are left with expectations only. 

BLINKS are waiting on any announcements made by the label as they still want to see their group perform together and make more milestones for the fans to enjoy. – WhatALife!/Zain

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